Running Apps

I have to share. I found an app that actually motivates me. Not only does it track my distance by GPS, accelerometer, or by manual entry, but it makes me want to run more and more often. I find myself sneaking away to get in a few more minutes here and there. And, it is fun! I give you Zombies, Run! 2. It tells a story and your playlist intermingles with it. You are smack dab in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. You must gather supplies, go on missions, and help build up your township. While on missions, they seem to be about 30 minutes each, if a zombie is near, then you must pick up your pace to outrun them.


I am having so much fun with this. Now I want more run/walking outings. Check it out 🙂

A good day to walk

I think I’m even more achy today. My legs are seizing up on me. I need a hot bath and a whole lot of stretching to recover. Since my house is currently a disaster, that will have to wait until the weekend. I walked with a new app yesterday. I’m going to write all about it after I use it another time… That will be today. I’m pretty excited about discovering it. I even ran around the office telling everyone I’m friendly with about it. I know my legs are hurting, but I don’t want to just sit and wait to not be in pain. Walking seems gentle enough to work out the kinks.

I peeked at the scale this morning. It doesn’t seem very happy with me. Hopefully, my puffiness will go away by my Monday weigh in.

Evening adventure

It isn’t the best photo, but this is where the path ended before we turned and went back. I skipped the gym tonight and substituted a 3 mile walk on the bike trail with my daughter. Holy moley, I made it 3 miles in an hour. I was ecstatic until my daughter rode off with some guy that passed us on his bike. I yelled and RAN. She just kept going. I couldn’t see her at one point. I was running and tears were flowing down my cheeks. I was thinking he was going to snatch her and toss her in the back of a van. Then I heard her. We have an obnoxious noise we make to signal each other. I heard her again, then I saw her. The relief! It just flowed over me. She was stopped and still about a half mile ahead of me. The trail winds through the woods across the town. I walked the last bit to her and proceeded to freak out on her. She will never do it again. Didn’t realize she was putting herself in danger. Please don’t tell dad. Oh she went through everything. We made it home, safe and sound. I will continue my lecture tomorrow. I need to review limits with strangers one more time. I’d rather have her paranoid than gone. I was so terrified. It was only a couple of minutes, but it felt like forever. It will definitely never happen again.

My attack on the afternoon slump

It is still raining and I had talked myself out of going for a walk. I went to my car, umbrella overhead, to fetch my notebook that is full of things that I need to do. I got there and turned toward the open parking lot. I made me take that walk around my building. My knee protested loudly (it doesn’t seem to like the rain), so I only made it one lap, but I feel like I can take on the rest of my work day. I’m still not hungry, that veggie burrito really did the trick, so I have my salad for a snack once I feel munchy again.

I’m not engaged at work today. I’m just going through the motions. Stuff is getting done, but not even close to my usual rate. My head is in the clouds going who knows where. I need to focus. I also need to focus on finding a new job, but that’s beside the point. I’ll put a little star next to it on my to do list…

These shoes are made for walking


I did it again! I left the office at lunchtime to head to the store. I opened my car door and strapped on my sneakers instead. I walked around the block. In theory, this will get easier over time. I really look forward to that.

I was reminded of a few things about walking properly when I hit the half mile mark. Step with your heel and roll to your toe. Once I started doing that, I got the feeling back in my toes. My arms didn’t feel so heavy once I was standing straight. It was even easier when I tightened my tummy to support my core. The one bad habit I’m having trouble breaking is watching my feet. I stare at the ground in front of me when I walk. You’re supposed to have your chin parallel to the ground. Just these few changes can keep me from hurting myself while walking. I don’t want to derail my efforts by a preventable injury. Cheers to another good day.

As the workweek comes to a close…

I feel like me again. I ended up drinking about 140 ozs of water yesterday. I only walked one lap, but It was a success to get me away from my desk during month end. I wanted to go for a walk last night, but homework was calling me. I’m taking next semester off, and I am really looking forward to that. I’m cringing as I’m typing, because I can see me making excuses. My morning break today, I will be going to the mall. I need new inserts for my new sneakers. These don’t seem to support my feet enough. I need the extra cushion to take the impact off of my knees. I have a torn meniscus in my right knee. It isn’t torn enough for surgery, but it is enough to make jumping, going down hills, and long walks pretty uncomfortable. And that’s it for now. Have a fantastic Friday!

Breaking out the Sneakers

I finally used my new sneakers yesterday. They are New Balance All Terrain. While they are pretty cute, I think I may need to grab some new inserts for them. I have a high instep and these just don’t give me the support that I need. But! I got off my butt and walked three times through my work day. One lap around the building during each of my breaks. I would have gone longer during my lunch break, but we’re in the high 90’s for temperature and I wilt quickly in the heat. I’m still proud. The final side of the building is two flights of stairs, I felt pretty accomplished after reaching the top each time with a steady stride. I should measure how far the walk is. I feel like it is .25 miles, but I could be off.

We didn’t have any salad with dinner last night, just pizza. I stopped with one slice. That in itself is pretty amazing. I attempted more push ups on the balance ball and possibly a crunch or two. I even finished some of my homework and it isn’t even due until Sunday. I love being motivated, it is such a fun feeling 🙂

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