Climbing through vacation week

We’re still on vacation and I definitely got a workout in today. We went to Take Flight in Kittery, ME, and oh my goodness it was a lot harder than I expected, but sooo much fun! It is one of those rope climbing/obstacle courses. While I knew that it looked difficult, it was more challenging than that. I was scared as soon as I was on the first obstacle. It was pure mind over matter that got me moving along. It helped that I knew that my daughter was watching me. I wasn’t going to let it be my fault that she chickened out. She was frozen in fear for a bit, but I took her dad’s place as her partner and then we were moving along (slowly) over cable bridges and tires and cargo nets. I am tuckered out and I know that I’ll be feeling this tomorrow. I am stretching here and there hoping that will help. I would love to do it again! They have a great staff that helped my daughter over ropes and gain confidence. They cheered her on all along the way.

I’ve been surprisingly keeping on target with my food even though we’re eating out more than I expected. I’m ordering a lot of salmon and doubling up on veggies instead of getting a starch. I’ll see how I did on Monday when I’m near my scale again. We are heading to Six Flags New England tomorrow, so I’ll definitely get my walking in. I hope that everyone is having a lovely week 🙂

Beating the heat

The first activity of my vacation was going to the giant water gun fight in Boston. We had a great time running around and taking on the other seasons. We were on team winter.

We followed it up with a trip to The Cheesecake Factory. I got a turkey burger with a salad instead of fries. Half of my burger is in the fridge now. I’m glad to be making good choices in uncontrolled areas. I have to admit, I was a bit concerned when the location was decided.

Here’s my big news… I did a weigh in yesterday before leaving the office, since that’s where my scale lives. 256.8!! That’s down another 4 lbs!! Woo!! I’m doing something right, so I’m sticking with it.

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