Checking In

Wow, I’ve been busy. I am training my replacement at work. I’m taking another class for my Masters degree. My boyfriend still isn’t home. And yes, I’m still moving.

My punching bag is now set up in the basement. My cat has moved in, and I haven’t heard any scratching in the wall since her arrival. That makes me feel a lot better about hanging out in the basement.

My weight is teetering above and below 240 lbs this week. I really hope I get a good drop by my weigh in. I could use a good happy dance. And dance I will, as I say good bye to the 240’s.

Not helping that goal, of course, is me having a donut this morning at work. I was starving and my apple wasn’t cutting it. My stomach is punishing me accordingly, and I will remember that next time I am in need of a snack. Since I’ve been cleaning out my desk, all of my snacks are gone. I’ll have to throw a few extras in my lunch bag.

And that’s it. I do not have much to report. Just saying hello and letting you guys know that I haven’t forgotten you.

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