Running Apps

I have to share. I found an app that actually motivates me. Not only does it track my distance by GPS, accelerometer, or by manual entry, but it makes me want to run more and more often. I find myself sneaking away to get in a few more minutes here and there. And, it is fun! I give you Zombies, Run! 2. It tells a story and your playlist intermingles with it. You are smack dab in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. You must gather supplies, go on missions, and help build up your township. While on missions, they seem to be about 30 minutes each, if a zombie is near, then you must pick up your pace to outrun them.


I am having so much fun with this. Now I want more run/walking outings. Check it out 🙂

What was that about everything you read?

I just read a blog entry about running that didn’t sound right to me. It was saying that running will not help in weight loss and will even slow my metabolism. I decided to do some research on my own and found this: 6 Benefits of Running from They know what they’re talking about over there. The gist of it is that running improves your overall health. Good cholesterol goes up, depression goes down. Less strokes, cancer, diabetes and more weight loss. The hows and whys are in the article and there are more benefits listed.

I am really glad that the other person was misinformed.  I know that I feel better when I’m trying to jog and run. My spirits do lift, even though it isn’t easy. My heart gets pumping and that is a very good thing for me. I sprang for some new sneakers this morning. I noticed that my knee hurts when I wear my New Balance shoes, but not my K Swiss. Therefore, I have another pair of K Swiss Tubes on the way, these ones. They are even cuter than my last ones. I am a big fan of blue.

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