Stuffed Silly

I planned ahead. I checked out the menu for the restaurant that we were going to. I picked out grilled salmon with grilled sweet potatoes and asparagus. It was healthy and their portions are rather small. I was going to a delectable restaurant with my boss and two coworkers. My boss is based in another country. He flies in twice a month. He has never taken us out for dinner. Important things/changes were to be discussed.

He orders appetizers… lots of them. They brought a board of hard cheeses, meats and infused honey. I had just a taste. I never knew that honey went on cheese, but it was amazing. Calamari was next and it was so very well done I had to have a few more pieces. We each got a meatball as well, black angus, ham, lamb blended to perfection and served with fresh tomatoes. The bread was made from scratch and fresh from the oven. Did I mention that their drink special list had a pumpkin pie martini? Say it with me, Pumpkin Pie Martini. I was done. The only thing I did right was to order my planned salmon and drink lots of water with my martini and dinner wine. The man can pick a good wine!

The plus side is that they were all fresh quality foods and not a morsel was badly processed. Their chefs knew how to prepare foods and bring out their flavor without just tossing salt on it. I’m not bloated or anything bad, but I feel like I shouldn’t have to eat for a week with all of the food I consumed last night.

I wish I had leftovers.

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