All things in smaller portions.

Today, I am frazzled. I had a flat tire this morning; it is now fixed. My boss is flying in tomorrow for our month end, and I am late on writing some procedures for him. I have a pile of work that accumulated while I was on vacation and I kind of get paralyzed when I look at it. I stepped off the track for dinner last night as well. I was hungry, but I probably didn’t need the ice cream and fudge for dessert. I had been so focused, I don’t want to deal with an off day. 

I need a list, a very detailed list. I always have a to do list, but today it feels overwhelming. If I break things down into smaller bites, then I can get something done while seeing the progress as I cross things off. This applies to my weight loss goals too. If I look at the 133 lbs I have to lose, it feels impossible. But, if I am looking at my first goal of 27 lbs, then I’m already half way there. I like the 10% goal. It is reasonable, and it can be achieved in an amount of time where I don’t feel like I’ve been working on it forever before I’ve had any real progress. I know that any progress is good, but seeing the number drop on the scale fuels my motivation for another week.

I didn’t pack lunch today either. I’m ordering a salad from down the street, no dressing. I have apple cider vinegar to splash on it. I will save today and be productive. Now to make my list.


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