Goals and Moving Moving (part 4)

I feel like I’ve accomplished nothing this month. My weight is firmly in the 230’s. We’re not saying goodbye any time soon. My cold is a sinus and ear infection. The theory is that my allergy meds can’t handle the amount of dust moving has stirred up for my head. My nasal cavities are revolting in the form of pine green sludge. My antibiotic has me hearing again, but my new and improved allergy medicine has me watery eyed and sniffily.

My other obstacle right now is my depression rearing its ugly head. I am bipolar and I refuse to go back on meds. While they are great for my lows, they also balance out my highs. Real happiness is rare enough, I don’t want it to be medicated away. Since I can’t use exercise to pep me up, stupid sinuses, I’m sinking. I’m sleeping. I’m averaging 10 hours of sleep on a week day right now. I napped most of yesterday. I have been trying to do my homework for days now, but my brain just can’t focus on it. I need someone to hang out with me. Remind me not to sleep when my eye lids get heavy and tell me to answer just one more question when I sit here and stare at this screen. Even this post has taken me days to write. I started on the 1st. I need help, and I’m afraid to ask. I feel so isolated at the new place. I’m so alone right now and that feeling is just taking over.

So here’s how I did with my to do list… I’m removing the entry to repair the rail. Apparently, it requires more structural repair than I can accomplish on my own.


  1. Remodel my closet. (on hold, but well underway. Boyfriend is away and will complete upon his return)(carried from August)
  2. Move all of my stuff into the new house (Still working on it. I have two more days)(Now I’ve been extended another week)(carried from August)
  3. Improve Crunches to 40 and knee push ups to 20. (Carried from September)
  4. Fix the railing on the porch and paint it. (Carried from September)
  5. Go jogging with my boyfriend. (He doesn’t want to sooo much that he left the country again)
  6. Take a new class at the gym (or possibly stop in at the Crossfit  gym I found near my house)
  7. Say good bye to the 230’s.


  1. Move all of my stuff into the new house (Still working on it. I have two more days)(Now I’ve been extended another week)(carried from August)(For the love of God, please let this get done)
  2. Go jogging with my boyfriend. (He doesn’t want to sooo much that he left the country again. (Carried from October)
  3. Say good bye to the 230’s. (Carried from October)
  4. Go to at least 1 crossfit class a week.

By June 2014

  1. Take a scuba class.
  2. Run an entire 5k.
  3. Reduce debt by 50%.
  4. Organize all stored items in basement.
  5. Have a yard sale.
  6. Onederland

I didn’t add anything much. It felt really discouraging that I didn’t cross more off this month. I want moving to be done. It is probably all the dust from these boxes that is setting my allergies off. I just don’t have the energy to fix everything. I’m going to keep trying, because that’s all I can do.

Taking on the Hills

Moving and organizing a house should count as a workout. Lifting, twisting, carrying, up and down the stairs. I sweat more moving than I do on my walks. So I ended up not at the gym yesterday. I used my break to go to my old house and pack up my Rogue again. I packed up 2 bins of books, a box of random stuff, lots of clothes and a bookcase. I couldn’t stuff more in since I also had to fit my child when I picked her up from camp. So that is really two 30 minute workouts once unpacking is added in. 🙂

I’ve gone about 24 hours without ankle pain. I’m going to go on one of my hilly walks around the block for lunch today. If it doesn’t like the first hill, then I’ll just turn and go back. Hills are more challenging than stairs, I believe. At least my landing is level on stairs. We’ll see. I’m not pushing it, but I’m not going to stay idle.

And! I ordered a reward for me. After browsing Birchbox once I opened my goodies I found a perfume. I love perfume, but seldom buy it since it is really expensive (when you have good taste). So, I ordered this one…

Harvey Prince Eau Flirt – Lavender Pumpkin

That’s right! Lavender Pumpkin! It is said to be sweet and spicy. Floral and pumpkin spice sound exciting to me. I cannot wait to get my nose on this. I will not open it until I reach my first goal weight though. I am going to leave it on my dresser with a note to me. It’ll be my daily reminder.

Goals and Moving

I stole a peek at the scale this morning and I’m down another pound. It isn’t an actual weigh in day for me, so it doesn’t count. I just needed to see improvement this morning. I had about 30 minutes home before my boyfriend got there. I decided to be productive. I emptied and filled the dishwasher, threw in a load of laundry, sorted the recycling, and washed the pans that were hovering around the sink. I like it when I keep moving. How does it go? An object in motion will stay in motion…

I’ve been reading a lot about goals. I’ve chatted about them as well. I would like to make an actual list to be revisited once a week. These aren’t just fitness goals. There are some general life things mixed in as well. Here it goes…

This week:

  1. Complete C25K Week 1
  2. Get all stored items out of my daughter’s room and move all of her stuff in.
  3. Remodel my closet.
  4. Determine baseline for push ups and crunches

By end of August:

  1. C25k Week 2
  2. Move all of my stuff into the new house
  3. Sign up for 5k in October or November
  4. Leave the 250’s behind!

By June 2014

  1. Take a scuba class.
  2. Run an entire 5k.
  3. Reduce debt by 50%.
  4. Organize all stored items in basement.
  5. Have a yard sale.
  6. Onederland

Those all seem reasonable. I’ll add more and cross off as I go. I won’t be running today, just walking. My ankle is a bit tender, so I need to watch how I step. That’ll keep me watching my feet as I walk, but at least I’ll be moving.

I might be babbling

I purchased my shoe inserts yesterday; Now, I can walk. This weekend brings me two challenges in the form of two birthday parties. I know that each will be full of foods that I really shouldn’t be eating. My plan for the first one is to take over the veggie plate, if one is missing, I’m bringing an apple for back up. The second party is one that I am hosting. I am making a large amount of fruit salad. That will definitely take the edge off of not having cake.

I didn’t cave on the Friday donuts, but I did order a veggie calzone for lunch. When I was done eating, more than half of it was left. That may give me dinner for the rest of the weekend. I know that the kids won’t eat it.

Here’s the productive part of the weekend… I am still moving my stuff. I’m bringing everything to my new place in batches. I pack and fill my car, bring it home, and do it again the next day. I’m determined to not get a moving van until I only have furniture left. I still have 3 weeks to move, so it feels reasonable. I also have a school project due this weekend. And I have to mow the lawn for the party. And clean the bathroom. And the floors. And the never ending pile of laundry. It is amazing that by the time I finish the pile of clothes and return the basket, there is a pile waiting for me. On the plus side, my boyfriend was very happy when he said that he hasn’t had to do laundry in weeks. I’m also thinking of bringing my bike to the new place this weekend. We have a bike path that goes right by our house. It would be great if I put it to use. I wonder if my bike rack would fit on my new car…

Facing the vacation music

Today is my last day of vacation and tomorrow is my weigh in day. I really hope I did as well as I’m anticipating. I had two days where I know I could have done better with my food choices and water consumption. I’m also returning to a high stress week. Month end is always a challenge and it typically has me tied to my desk and ordering out. I have kale and plenty of grilled chicken in the fridge. All I have to do is pack my lunch and I will be able to avoid ordering out. As for the stress and being tied to my desk, I need to make myself take breaks and go for a walk. It is really easy for me to lose myself in work and not move for hours. I think that I’ll set an alarm for break times so that I have something to snap me out of my trance.

In other news, I’m moving in with my boyfriend. I won’t be working out on days that I’m moving boxes. I packed up my car with one load today and I was sweating my butt off. I have so much more to do. I know I could just pack up the boxes and get a truck and have my friends show up and move me, but I kind of want to do it all myself. I’m not sure why. I’ll probably ponder that while I’m trying to sleep tonight.

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