Sick Snoozing Slug

I haven’t exercised since Friday. I have a cold and my only tasks right now are to sleep and whine about it.  I fear that I’m gradually losing all of the progress that I had made. I just can’t get up to workout. My body is already fighting, I can’t tucker it out even more. I have a to do list that is about 30 items long. I am totally ignoring it and sipping tea. Tea with honey to soothe my very sore throat. I’ve even been eating chicken soup with noodles. I haven’t had this much pasta in ages. I know it is just a noodle here and there, but those buggers add up. I want to go for a walk. I keep talking me out of it and pulling the blankets back around me.

I’m saying “can’t” a whole lot this post, and it is really irking me. I can do it, but I’m listening to my body and abstaining. I can force me to workout. I am choosing not to in favor of bettering my health. That said, I am at least going to stretch tonight. Perhaps a whole tv show can be spent on the floor working these kinks out of my body. Then I will drink a lot of water and sleep for 12 more hours. I am so glad that I don’t start my new job until Monday. I really hope that is enough time to kick this bug.

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