Stocked for Success

I forgot to weigh me in this morning. So, I’ll do it tomorrow. This week should be right on track as far as food goes. I made my soup for the week and it is all jarred up in the fridge. If my calculations are correct, it comes out to about 137 calories per serving. There are so many fresh veggies in it. I added lentils this time as well.

I tried infusing water last night. It came out pretty well, but I think I used a touch too much lemon. I’ll ease up next time and possibly add cherries. Over all, my fridge is stocked for success. We have no junk in the house, so I’ll really have to go out of my way to get it. I don’t understand why watching my food intake is so hard. I know what I should be eating. As soon as I put a limit on something, my brain screams out for it, even though I know I’ll feel really icky after. It is very frustrating. The only thing that I have successfully and completely cut out is fast food. I think that I have watched enough videos on how it is made to gross me out when I see it. Or think about eating it. There is nothing there that I want to consume. I’ll work the rest out in the end.

I have no workout planned for the day. I’m thinking of some hardcore cleaning. Enough trips up and down the stairs will have me sweating in no time. Scrubbing the floor should push me over the edge. The only other things I need to get done are my final and one other assignment for school. I WILL get at least two pages done tonight. I do not want to leave it to the end and stress myself out. I am such a gifted procrastinator…

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