Monday Weigh In

Starting Weight: 268.8 lbs

Friday:                   243.6 lbs

Current:                243.6 lbs

It didn’t keep me all that accountable. While I didn’t gain, I did have popcorn and little chocolate munchies at the movies with my daughter. The movies were a reward for getting her room cleaned and me assembling her trundle bed. Those things have a lot of pieces! I even have a few extra 😉  I was sweating my butt off bolting together the wood. She even turned on her air conditioner for me. I also painted her desk and assembled, yet another set of shelves in the basement. I have, hopefully, 5 days until my boyfriend comes home. I hope he isn’t delayed. I’ll be in super cleaning mode until then.

I haven’t made any workout plans for this week. My gym bag is in the wrong car. I might dance my butt off after bed time tonight, and then meet with my notebook to make some real plans. The pool at my gym is open again. My daughter will be very happy to hear that. She was so disappointed when it was closed for repairs. Foods this week will be very turkey intensive. I baked one this weekend and it will need to be used before it spoils. That’s it for me, how was your weekend?

Declutter my life

I clean when I go through the process of regaining my health. There is something about that forward momentum that allows me to let go (emotionally and of stuff). I tend to hit a point where my system says, “Stop. You’ve had enough” when I’m in full swing, filling garbage bags. Removing clutter shocks my system. Letting go makes me feel chaotic. I require stability to thrive. As I’m moving all of this stuff into my new home, I am going through it. I am throwing things away, donating them, putting them in a yard sale pile, and just reminiscing. It is mentally exhausting. I hold onto so much stuff, no wonder I allow myself to be weighed down. I need to lighten everything. I’m making progress and that is all I can ask of me. I will not allow myself to sit stagnant again.

Yesterday, I built some metal shelves in the basement to hold my items that are stored on a more permanent basis. I’ll be moving boxes down there as I’ve repacked them. I’m a little afraid to dig into the more personal items. I’ll do it though. I don’t want my boyfriend coming home to the maze of boxes that it has become. I should post a picture. It is funny, if it weren’t so sad… I have 11 days to go.

Stocked for Success

I forgot to weigh me in this morning. So, I’ll do it tomorrow. This week should be right on track as far as food goes. I made my soup for the week and it is all jarred up in the fridge. If my calculations are correct, it comes out to about 137 calories per serving. There are so many fresh veggies in it. I added lentils this time as well.

I tried infusing water last night. It came out pretty well, but I think I used a touch too much lemon. I’ll ease up next time and possibly add cherries. Over all, my fridge is stocked for success. We have no junk in the house, so I’ll really have to go out of my way to get it. I don’t understand why watching my food intake is so hard. I know what I should be eating. As soon as I put a limit on something, my brain screams out for it, even though I know I’ll feel really icky after. It is very frustrating. The only thing that I have successfully and completely cut out is fast food. I think that I have watched enough videos on how it is made to gross me out when I see it. Or think about eating it. There is nothing there that I want to consume. I’ll work the rest out in the end.

I have no workout planned for the day. I’m thinking of some hardcore cleaning. Enough trips up and down the stairs will have me sweating in no time. Scrubbing the floor should push me over the edge. The only other things I need to get done are my final and one other assignment for school. I WILL get at least two pages done tonight. I do not want to leave it to the end and stress myself out. I am such a gifted procrastinator…

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