Out of the Mouths of Babes

While eating dinner with my daughter, she started talking about how we’re eating healthier foods. She believes that her belly has gotten smaller as a result. She started looking at me with an apprehensive expression on her face. “My friend Sara’s mom put her on a diet. This is not a topic that I wanted to tackle with my daughter at the age of 9. I told her that a diet is everything we eat, and that sometimes people add more of some things and less of others. Then, I asked if she knew why they changed Sara’s diet. She said no. I then explained that it could be something like a new food allergy or something suggested by her doctor. The way she mentioned it, it seemed that it had to do with weight loss, so I asked if that was why she mentioned her belly. It was. I then pointed out that she just finished a growth spurt, and that she’s been running around outside a whole lot more than previously. Both will shrink her belly.

Her new health teacher was also speaking about a healthy diet yesterday. She told the class that they should only eat half of their meal when they go out to a restaurant. Along with that, she had that they should drink 8 8oz glasses of water a day. 64 ounces of water is a lot for a 70 lb child. Isn’t it half your weight in ounces? Like, my girl should have 35 ounces of water? Kids meals are not all that big. My girl will be starving if she ate half a sandwich and a few apple slices. The teacher was also promoting skim milk. Children’s bodies require fat. Also, aren’t they trying to introduce aspartame into low fat milks? We will have none of that toxic junk here. I’m not too happy with the health teacher thus far.

She’s eating less processed stuff right along with me. My intent is not to trim down my already slender girl. I want us to be healthier. For me, more slender will come from that. For her, she will just continue to grow as she is supposed to. We consume every part of the food pyramid. I told her that if she’s hungry, then she should eat. Don’t stuff yourself, don’t starve yourself, listen to your body.

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