Breakfast Changes

After a little calculating… I just realized that if I continue to lose 2 lbs a week, then I will be 215 lbs by New Years. That thought makes me dance with glee in my head. If only my mental dancing burned calories as well…

Today, we are going peach picking at a local farm. I saw their ad in the paper this weekend and kept it. Since we’re eating more fruit, might as well eat local and in season, right? My mom has some kale plants to give me as well. I hope transplanting them next week will give them enough time to get their roots settled before a frost comes. Does anyone know if it is possible to keep them healthy inside? I wonder if they need to go dormant in the winter, or if they’ll just continue to produce if watered and kept near a window.

I am attempting to eat a large protein filled breakfast today. I say attempting because it has been an hour and I still have more than half left. I may have to finish my breakfast for lunch. I had heard that protein keeps you full longer and that your largest meal of the day should be for breakfast. I decided to give it a whirl. I am just not used to eating that much first thing in the morning. It certainly is heavier than oatmeal or a fruit cup. On the plus side, it isn’t giving me the tummy ache that I usually have following breakfast. I’ll try it again tomorrow and see if I have stumbled upon something here. If I can get rid of my morning belly ache, then I’ll make a permanent change to breakfast.

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