I’m a little late

Here is my September Birchbox. I am loving the Jouer lip gloss. It is shiny, but not sticky. I need to get around to trying the shampoo. I want to give everything a whirl before October’s box arrives. I do love my presents in the mail…

Silky Happy Hair

I have crazy hair. It is really wavy, long, thick, and when left untended, I am a big fluff ball. For these reasons, I usually keep it up in a ponytail or bun. In my last Birchbox I received a sample of Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment. I have to share it because it made my hair so silky and happy without weighing down my wavy locks. Now, when I straighten it, I’m not starting to frizz a pinch after noon. I can let it curl and the rings stay silky. I am so excited to have found it and I never would have stumbled upon it without subscribing to Birchbox. I love getting introduced to all these different products. I tend to be reluctant to buy full sized bottles of new brands, but now I can try them and purchase knowing how much I like them.

Taking on the Hills

Moving and organizing a house should count as a workout. Lifting, twisting, carrying, up and down the stairs. I sweat more moving than I do on my walks. So I ended up not at the gym yesterday. I used my break to go to my old house and pack up my Rogue again. I packed up 2 bins of books, a box of random stuff, lots of clothes and a bookcase. I couldn’t stuff more in since I also had to fit my child when I picked her up from camp. So that is really two 30 minute workouts once unpacking is added in. 🙂

I’ve gone about 24 hours without ankle pain. I’m going to go on one of my hilly walks around the block for lunch today. If it doesn’t like the first hill, then I’ll just turn and go back. Hills are more challenging than stairs, I believe. At least my landing is level on stairs. We’ll see. I’m not pushing it, but I’m not going to stay idle.

And! I ordered a reward for me. After browsing Birchbox once I opened my goodies I found a perfume. I love perfume, but seldom buy it since it is really expensive (when you have good taste). So, I ordered this one…

Harvey Prince Eau Flirt – Lavender Pumpkin

That’s right! Lavender Pumpkin! It is said to be sweet and spicy. Floral and pumpkin spice sound exciting to me. I cannot wait to get my nose on this. I will not open it until I reach my first goal weight though. I am going to leave it on my dresser with a note to me. It’ll be my daily reminder.

A Box of Goodies

I received my first Birchbox yesterday. I was excited about receiving my present to myself, so I really took my time and savored the anticipation.

I think I’d like more makeup next time, so I tweaked my preferences. I can’t wait to try the hair treatment. Mine is a touch unruly.
Check them out, if you haven’t already. It is www.Birchbox.com .


As I’ve been moving into my boyfriend’s house, I have realized that I hoard lotions and deodorant. I also have about 20 bottles of nail polish that are eerily the same. So, I have decided to make no large purchases until my stores are depleted. However, I don’t want to deprive myself of new stuff completely… enter Birchbox. It is only $10 a month and they’re going to send a box of sample sized stuff for me to use. I like the idea of trying things out before purchase, and at the rate that I use things, a sample size is just perfect for me. They even send accessories and such. I’m looking forward to getting my first box. Looks like my first one is shipping on 8/22. I’ll keep you posted if I get any noteworthy goodies. Here’s their spiel that they sent me to share, if you feel like checking out their stuff.


Check out Birchbox, the best way to discover new beauty products. For $10/mo, you’ll receive deliveries of high-end samples, plus expert tips.

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