I’m a little late

Here is my September Birchbox. I am loving the Jouer lip gloss. It is shiny, but not sticky. I need to get around to trying the shampoo. I want to give everything a whirl before October’s box arrives. I do love my presents in the mail…

Silky Happy Hair

I have crazy hair. It is really wavy, long, thick, and when left untended, I am a big fluff ball. For these reasons, I usually keep it up in a ponytail or bun. In my last Birchbox I received a sample of Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment. I have to share it because it made my hair so silky and happy without weighing down my wavy locks. Now, when I straighten it, I’m not starting to frizz a pinch after noon. I can let it curl and the rings stay silky. I am so excited to have found it and I never would have stumbled upon it without subscribing to Birchbox. I love getting introduced to all these different products. I tend to be reluctant to buy full sized bottles of new brands, but now I can try them and purchase knowing how much I like them.

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