Patting myself on the back

After yesterday, I came to the conclusion that I need to ease up on myself. I do accomplish a lot. It sure doesn’t help that I beat myself up all of the time.

So, here’s a little pat on the back. I didn’t sleep well last night. Once the sun started rising, instead of laying in bed brooding further, I got up and went for a walk. I looped all around town until it started raining on me. And just a few minutes ago, I was beginning to rummage the leftover Chinese food in the fridge. I know that I have way better choices around me. However, I stopped when I realized that I was just very thirsty. 20 oz of water or so later and I’m mildly content.

I was going to apologize to my boyfriend for being cranky at him, but changed my mind. I started crying again when I was typing it. Maybe I don’t need to apologize. I just wish he understood. I wish he could understand without me having to explain. I wish I didn’t respond so strongly to all these feelings. Its a never ending flood (much like the basement). I don’t think that he and I are going to make it through this together. I just need to accept that possibility and start to build my own life again. I don’t even remember him not being in my life. We’re on about 13 years. Even when we weren’t together, we’ve been together. He’s the only constant that I’ve had in my adult life.

Ok, I’m going to try and be done with my pity party. I’m hopping firmly onto Team Nicole tomorrow. I know that I can do great things with me, I just need to get out of my way.

2 thoughts on “Patting myself on the back

  1. This is excellent!!!!
    You definitely deserve a pat I the back! Going for a walk is excellent! Recognising that you are thirsty not hungry is excellent and really hard to do!!
    You are right, work on yourself, recognise all the things you do achieve and you will gradually feel more positive and therefore achieve more!
    Go team Nicole!!! 😀 I am firmly cheering for you!!

  2. That reminds me that there is a factoid that most people are dehydrated and when people are hungry they tend to really be thirsty.

    Guys don’t just understand without have having it explaine thats just how it is. I am nost sure if there is a guy that is capable of doing that.

    Pity is wallowing in your sadness, this is just venting. Let it go and move back to the task at hand. Happiness and health.

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

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