Mid-Week Chec In

Just wanted to touch base… I have walked every day thus far this week. I’ve coughed my lungs up at the end each time, but I did it. I’ve also stayed on my food plan with the exception of a Valentine chocolate… and a cookie I just ate. The cookie was organic, does that make it count less?

I purchased a whole lot more groceries than intended, but it has worked out well. I’ve had healthy snacks on hand for my after work munchies. As part of my mission to get back on track, I’ve also weighed in on my diet bet competition. I missed a couple of months, but I will make it this time! I just need to lose 19 lbs… In 4 weeks. Is that even possible? I’ll have to really kick my butt and follow the plan. Perhaps I should give away the cookies… I won’t do anything drastic yet.

Have a good week everyone!

4 thoughts on “Mid-Week Chec In

  1. Have the cookie, just budget in the calorie burn off. It takes walking the length of one footbal field to burn off 1 m&m. The organic cookie can be broken down by the body while the typical artificial sugar cookie is just put on as fat.

    Give away the cookies if you want to hit that goal. To make your mark you just have to raise your intensity. Think of doing 2 workouts a day on weekends and squeeze in an extra walk in the evening.

    You are making strides forward!

    Clifford Mitchem
    Advocare Distributor
    Nutrition + Fitness = Health

  2. To be honest…19lbs in 4 week is just under 5lbs a week which is possible but not really a sensible weight loss rate, especially if you are still recovering from pneumonia!

    Even working out every day (often twice…well you know what I am up to) and eating sensibly, I rarely lose more than 1kg (2lbs) a week and often less and this is sustainable 🙂

    I also have to say that organic sugar is no differently processed to non organic sugar. However, if you want a cookie…have a cookie but just one 🙂 (and yes budget it in to your days food) and maybe give away the rest 😉

    however…keep up the good work, you are doing all the right things 😀 with healthy snack and food in stock and walking to build up your stamina again you are building back up excellent foundations 😀

    • I’m thinking the first 10 will be gone quickly. It has to be all water. Eating junk food really had me bloated. There’s no way I’m even getting a real workout in either when I can’t stroll a quarter of a mile without fighting with my lungs.

      I’m going to strive to improve while remembering that I’m still recovering.

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