Junk food in the Home

When trying to lose weight, it is often suggested to remove junk food from your home to remove temptation. Let’s face it, if we had strength in our willpower, then most of us wouldn’t be trying to lose weight, we’d be succeeding. I will not do a full elimination of junk foods in my house for two reasons…

1.  I’m a mom. Part of my responsibilities as a mother is to teach my child. Yes, you can eliminate all “bad” choices from your child’s options, but if you are always doing that, then how do they learn to make decisions on their own? How do they learn to moderate?

2. If you remove something from someone’s life, or tell them (either in words or by demonstration) that they can’t have something, what do they do? They want it. The child that is not allowed chips finds themselves with their own spending money and they want a snack. If they are unattended, what do you think they will get? You decide to start a diet that removes processed carbs, what do you suddenly crave all the time?

I was raised with the food issues of my parents. It is one of those things that inadvertently gets passed on. Feeling sad? Have some ice cream. Angry? Ice cream. Happy? Let’s celebrate with ice cream. Confused? Nachos. We can’t eat ice cream all the time after all. Did I mention that my mom worked at a creamery? On the other side, my father would rather buy me a new wardrobe than buy food for the house. It creates a horrible cycle of binging. I would stuff myself silly when I could. Then get depressed, because you have to crash sometime. And when depressed, what do we do? That’s right! Have a bowl of ice cream.

I am so very determined to not pass along my food issues to my daughter. I allow her a variety of foods, and yes, junk foods are in the mix. I teach her about nutrition and what our bodies require. When my darling sister let her eat as much candy as she liked on Halloween and her tummy hurt, I let her know why. When she ate almost an entire bag of grapes and got a tummy ache, I let her know why. As a result, at a tender age of 9 she has learned what a portion looks like. She will leave a slice of cake at a birthday party half eaten because she knows it will be too much. She will choose a peach for dessert. If she knows that she wants ice cream after dinner, she’ll skip out on a danish offered to her earlier in the day. She loves her crackers, but she knows that she needs something else with more substance to it to call it a meal.

Cravings are telling us that we’re missing something in our diet. You don’t ever want to remove an entire food group from your plates. We need all of them. We also need to learn how to moderate all of them. We even need fat. I’m not going out and eating a tub of lard, but eating all fat free items isn’t healthy either. A big step in my move to a healthy lifestyle includes preparing more fresh foods. I try more and more often to have my foods not come from a package. I am, hopefully, passing this along to my daughter as well. She loves helping in the kitchen and reading along with a recipe. I’m showing her how to pick out fruits and veggies. Which ones are ripe, which should definitely be purchased organic. Hopefully I’ll pass along some good nuggets of information that she’ll hear in the back of her head just when she needs it.

I Call Them Turkey Cups

As promised, here are my turkey cups. I loop one slice of turkey bacon around a muffin cup. In a bowl I mix veggies (these are kale, zucchini, and tomato), a handful of shredded cheese, and 2 eggs. Mix and spoon into the cups. Bake at 350 for 20-25 minutes.



All by myself…

I was singing that title as I typed it. My little girl is far away right now, and will be for another week. She is off visiting her father in Abu Dhabi. This leaves me alone. Me. Empty house. My cat yelling at me. I am determined to not spend this week moping. I will not sulk. I have done one thing so far to reinforce this…

My gym bag is packed! That’s right! I’m getting my butt to the gym for the first time this year. I am definitely not 100% after my pneumonia, but I am definitely doing better. I am still on the antibiotic, but I’ve been (finally) breathing a whole lot better. So, today, after church, I am hitting the gym. I don’t know what I’ll be doing yet, but I’ll try and formulate a plan by the time I arrive.

I will also be cooking today. One of the great benefits (that I remember) about living alone is that I can make one meal and eat it all week. I really don’t require a change in my food. I’ll get all my food groups in, but I have no problem eating the same thing every day. It gives me way less room to binge. I also packed all of the junk food for the kids on their flight so that I wouldn’t have any in the house.

To Do List for today:

  1. No pouting!
  2. Move my butt more.
  3. Make Turkey Cups (I’ll post pictures)
  4. (oh, what the hell) Do my homework 🙂

Tracking tracking tracking

In preparation for my up and coming physical, I have decided to be strict with my tracking of my physical activity and food. I have a notebook at the ready and my arm band is charging as I type. I fell off with tracking when, well, I had nothing good to track. I always feel like I have needed to defend my health when I meet a new doctor. I had a doctor forever ago that had the same solution for all of my health issues… I just need to get a little exercise. Unfortunately, this was back when I was running 5 miles a day and weight training. She just never believed me. She also took over a year to diagnose my gall stones. While I kept requesting an ultrasound, she denied it again and again. It took me switching doctors to be fixed. Moral of the story, if your doctor doesn’t believe a thing you say, you just don’t mesh. You really need to be able to work with your doctor if you’re going to be a team in regards to your health.

My goal is to be able to paint as accurate a picture as I can about where I currently am. I know that I have the basic theory on how to eat healthy and lose weight, but there is also a chance that I am missing something that a professional could pinpoint for me.

I have to say, I’m feeling a lot better today. I’m still trying to pick up my pace, however. I even played Just Dance 4 tonight, not for long, but I played. I’m within a thousand steps of my daily goal as of now. I’m definitely not as tuckered out as I would have been last week. I’m not even napping. I had to shovel (again) and I’m still not taking a nap. My path to my car is almost up to my hips with snow on the sides. We’re really paying for our mild Winter last year.

That’s it for now. Moving more. Eating better. Drink buckets of water.


Yet more progress

Walking more, cleaning more, eating more (oops), and planning more. Part of my resolutions this year was to take even better care of me. This will include finding a new primary care doctor and actually going through all of the screening tests that are recommended. While my blood pressure has always been fantastic, I have no idea where my cholesterol or blood sugar is. I would like to find out so that I am able to correct any issues before it is too late.

So, with my new health insurance, that comes with my new job, also comes a nifty web site where I can be coached and taught all about improving my health and well being. I took my beginning health assessment and learned that I am too short for my weight and that I worry way more than is healthy. I already knew this, but now I can learn more and put these healthy tips that they throw at you into play in my life. This is where my thought for a new primary care doctor came in. My current one is way to far away now that I have moved. It requires three highways and, well, I just don’t like to drive. So, I did some research and found a new one that happens to be taking new patients, and lo and behold, she is only 2.1 miles from my house. If I felt ambitious, and planned ahead, I could walk there. Perhaps when I can see sidewalks, around June when all this snow has melted. I will call on Monday and make an appointment.

I was grumpy as hell yesterday (freakin’ Valentine’s Day). My boyfriend, once again, had me as an afterthought. I, in turn, did the only thing I could see as reasonable at the time. Cried myself to sleep. I obviously need to work more on my positive thinking because I, very completely, tore myself to shreds. He knows nothing about this and thinks that everything is fine. I’m fine. Everyone is happy. Why don’t I tell him how very disappointed I was? Because I (am a coward) don’t want to hurt his feelings. How could he not know that I was completely crushed? Does he not remember last year? He said he was sorry he didn’t think about doing anything for me. Just once, I wish I was a priority. I don’t want to be an afterthought. I want to be a plan. Here I go again with the stupid tears. My value does not depend on others. *sigh* I just wish he cared. I wish I mattered to him. I wish I was worth just a little bit of effort. So I ate three cupcakes. They weren’t worth the calories and I’m beating myself up about that too. I’ve cleaned all day because I need to feel some tiny bit of control in my life. I need to tackle this somehow. It just isn’t good for my mental health. I don’t want to tell him though. I feel silly. Or I’ll pack my feelings down and ignore it as best I can.

Tomorrow is another day of me increasing my activity level. I’m going to have to start off with shoveling though, then I’m actually going to try exercising. I’m shooting for stretching and teeny tiny hand weights. I’ll keep going with these baby steps until I’m back to 100% I’m going to get there!

Mid-Week Chec In

Just wanted to touch base… I have walked every day thus far this week. I’ve coughed my lungs up at the end each time, but I did it. I’ve also stayed on my food plan with the exception of a Valentine chocolate… and a cookie I just ate. The cookie was organic, does that make it count less?

I purchased a whole lot more groceries than intended, but it has worked out well. I’ve had healthy snacks on hand for my after work munchies. As part of my mission to get back on track, I’ve also weighed in on my diet bet competition. I missed a couple of months, but I will make it this time! I just need to lose 19 lbs… In 4 weeks. Is that even possible? I’ll have to really kick my butt and follow the plan. Perhaps I should give away the cookies… I won’t do anything drastic yet.

Have a good week everyone!

Better than yesterday

And once again, I am feeling better than the day before. I still can’t hear completely, but I’m hopeful about that coming back tomorrow. And walking! I’m ready to walk tomorrow. I have sneakers, optimism and a wee bit of motivation. I am currently putting off of my homework that is due in 3 hours. I have Dr. Who on and here I am typing… not on a spreadsheet where I would be figuring out my homework. I’m going to end my post with a to-do list, because we know how much I love them 🙂

This week…

  1. Finish my to-do list in my happy notebook.
  2. Walk one lap at work each day.
  3. Weigh in and see how much I gained this time…


Once I Mend…

So, I managed to get really sick, then sicker. I had pneumonia, and then the doctors that I visited didn’t treat me well the first couple of times I went in. I’m on my third round of antibiotics, and I’m finally starting to feel better. I still have 10 more days to take this stuff, but I think they finally have it right.

Fitness wise, I am back to the beginning. I get winded walking up a flight of stairs. I nap daily. I have been eating whatever is easy. It is going to be easy to make improvements this time because the only way to go is up. I’m going to try walking on Monday. There’s something about Mondays that make it the right mental time to start something. I’m going to start up again finally. I feel like I’ve done nothing yet this year. My goal for this up coming week is to walk one lap in my office building per day. It isn’t much. It adds up to about 1.25 miles. If you could understand how very little I’ve been doing, then you’d understand that it is way more than I have been able. Walking from the parking lot to my desk has caused a coughing fit. Doing laundry required a nap. I haven’t napped today. I’ve been cleaning. Although I’ve needed to rest, I’ve been doing so much better.

I have a stocked fridge of fruits and veggies. We’re out of chips and frozen processed garbage. I’m ready to clean out my system, my house, my head. I have a to do list and I’m ready to cross of items one by one (I’m starting that tonight).

So, how’s your year going?

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