Oh New Year…

What a great time to start over. I am ready to drag myself out from under my rock, dust myself off, and face the new year. As I type that, I realize that I am not saying it with as much gusto as I would like, but it is as much as I feel. I struggle with depression, and I have been battling myself over the last months. Too many changes, too much pushing on me from my surroundings… I caved. On the bright side, I didn’t regain more than 5 lbs…

I am not making excuses, but there is no way that I will be making it to the gym in the next few days. I have a house of people with the plague, and I am both caring for them and trying not to catch it. It is a miracle that I haven’t, the kids and my boyfriend have been hacking their lungs up for well over a month. Tomorrow, we get to go back to the doctor’s. Woo hoo! I am reinstating my home workout method, starting today. I count reps of certain exercises. The plan is to do that for the days that I do not make it to the gym, and have a planned workout for when I do. My gym bag will be packed shortly and stashed in my car.

How did I manage to not pack on the pounds while not doing anything at all? They really mean it when they say weight is 80% diet and 20% exercise. I didn’t stuff myself, and I still leaned toward my healthier options. I’ve had a few more glasses of wine here and there, but over all I have been pretty balanced. I have been slacking off in the water department. I actually feel thirsty most of my day, I just haven’t filled up a glass to do anything about it yet. After posting this, I’m going to polish off my cup of tea and grab a glass of water.

My personal life is wreaking havoc. I feel like I’m in the middle of a tornado just watching everything be thrust around me. I can’t stop it or even hold onto anything. All I can do is hang on tight to myself. I can rule myself with an iron fist, and I’m going to do it.

4 thoughts on “Oh New Year…

  1. well done for controlling your diet 😀 it really makes such a difference…and only putting 5lbs on is a real brightside, it would have been so easy to give in completely!

    Hang in there, chance what you can, do what you can when you can and you will get there 🙂

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