Running Apps

I have to share. I found an app that actually motivates me. Not only does it track my distance by GPS, accelerometer, or by manual entry, but it makes me want to run more and more often. I find myself sneaking away to get in a few more minutes here and there. And, it is fun! I give you Zombies, Run! 2. It tells a story and your playlist intermingles with it. You are smack dab in the middle of the zombie apocalypse. You must gather supplies, go on missions, and help build up your township. While on missions, they seem to be about 30 minutes each, if a zombie is near, then you must pick up your pace to outrun them.


I am having so much fun with this. Now I want more run/walking outings. Check it out 🙂


A good day to walk

I think I’m even more achy today. My legs are seizing up on me. I need a hot bath and a whole lot of stretching to recover. Since my house is currently a disaster, that will have to wait until the weekend. I walked with a new app yesterday. I’m going to write all about it after I use it another time… That will be today. I’m pretty excited about discovering it. I even ran around the office telling everyone I’m friendly with about it. I know my legs are hurting, but I don’t want to just sit and wait to not be in pain. Walking seems gentle enough to work out the kinks.

I peeked at the scale this morning. It doesn’t seem very happy with me. Hopefully, my puffiness will go away by my Monday weigh in.

Barbells For Boobs

As you may have seen, October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Box I went to last night has a team raising money for Barbells For Boobs, they are a non-profit organization that provides funding to pay for breast cancer detection services as a last resort for thousands of people who don’t qualify for assistance elsewhere. If you are interested in donating, I have a page here: Nicole’s Fundraising Page. Any amount helps, and you’ll feel pretty good after 🙂


I am beat. I took my first foundations class for CrossFit. It hurts to sit and I am super excited about it. Our warm up consisted of running down the street and back. From there we learned how to do snatches. I was told that I picked a more difficult day to start. I did 5 reps of 5 of 25 lbs. my previous experience lifting actually helped. Then we did box jumps which I modified to be a bit shorter. And rope climbs which I modified to a bean sprout (cute name for dragging your ass off the floor by a rope). So I completed 5 rounds of 20 jumps and 3 sprouts. My bottom hurts from squatting and my arms only stopped shaking a bit ago. My butt has been kicked and I am thrilled! I bought a punch card for 10 visits. I want to make sure I stick with it before I commit to a monthly membership. I don’t think I can go again until Saturday, but I’m looking forward to going again.

Weigh In and Midweek Update

I got up early this morning to head over to a Foundations class at a local CrossFit gym I found. They were closed. I checked the Facebook page, and the morning class was cancelled. I am determined today, however. The next Foundations class is at 5:30 tonight and I will be there with bells on (or sweats).

I’m going on about 4 hours of sleep. I’m really feeling it too. I’ve had a stressful couple of days. I’m eating my stress. I had Chinese food last night and for breakfast. I started drinking coffee again. I ate at Dunkin Donuts and wasn’t even deterred after my stomach started yelling at me. I told it to shut up and eat the damn donut. I need my ass kicked. HARD. Which is why I am determined to go to CrossFit today. They will kick my ass for me. I will sweat out this toxic stress that has consumed my head and is spreading to my body. I’m not doing it on my own right now. I’m in a funk. I want out and all I can do is the hard part of showing up.

Here is my weigh in from Monday. I had to “weigh out” of my diet bet challenge, so I even took pictures of it. I’m not sharing the pictures, just mentioning that I have them from the bet.

Starting Weight: 268.8 lbs

Last Week:           237.6 lbs

Current:                237.0 lbs

I’m surprised I was even down that .6. Really surprised. My goodness, I’m even packing in the carbs and I was clean a week ago. Ugh! I know beating myself up about it won’t help. I need to move to eating cleaner again. I was doing great. I’ve even started getting headaches again. I know backpedaling is really bad for me. I need to change direction; Bounce forward again. My next post will have me glowing, I swear. I will have gone to my class. I will have loved it. I will be sore from working hard. My body will thank me and I will reward it with healthy food because I know that is what it needs.

Gluttony Strikes again

Yesterday started with good intentions. A very short day at work. A salad for my mid morning snack. Then we headed into Boston to watch the first game of the playoffs. We went to Jerry Remy’s place for lunch. I had a bison burger piled high with veggies. I only had a couple of fries. They say alcohol and weight loss don’t mix. I don’t think it is just because of the empty calories. Judgement in food choices (and more beverages) plummet quickly. We split a fishbowl of punch, which led to a beer or 3, and a shot or two over the next 8 hours. Dinner was oysters, lots of oysters. I was back to water by then. We returned to the hotel and went next door for a last beverage. I was content with water until I saw pumpkin martini on the menu. Of course we need an appetizer plate to pick at now. My only saving grace was that we walked from the hotel to the park and everywhere after. Each beer run was about three flights of stairs. My legs, today, tell me that they worked hard yesterday. I hope I didn’t throw away weeks of work in one night. The scale will tell.

I’m a little late

Here is my September Birchbox. I am loving the Jouer lip gloss. It is shiny, but not sticky. I need to get around to trying the shampoo. I want to give everything a whirl before October’s box arrives. I do love my presents in the mail…

Wanted: Drive

I now know that my off behavior and hunger wasn’t due to stress. That time of the month has snuck up on me. My cycle is no where near predictable yet. I keep marking it on the calendar, hopefully it will balance out shortly. I didn’t binge last night. I had baked chicken and cubed yams, carrots and ginger. I was going to skip the mashed potatoes, but ended up diving in. Considering where I am in my cycle, my loss this Monday feels way more impressive to me. I am chugging water. Hopefully it won’t wake me up in the night.

I have finished my first round of homework for the week. I’m actually proud. Last semester, I was more concerned with spending time with my boyfriend. Now that we live together, I feel like I can focus on me as well. This is a great turning point to notice.

I haven’t taken my “new” class yet this month. I know that it is only day 2, but I was hoping I would do something right away and be absolutely in love with what ever I picked. I have to admit, I’m bored with my lack of routine. I move from one thing to the next, what ever interests me at the time really. It is really hard to measure progress when I don’t stick with one thing. I need to measure progress. It is one of those things that drive me. I’m lacking that drive.

Stress ate my lunch

Stress. It is going to be my undoing today. I’m at work. My food was planned out for my day, and my lunch box is now empty. I’m pretty sure that all my extra fretting has burned through my calories. I am soooo very hungry. Do I brave the vending machine? Run and grab something to eat from the cafe down the street? Or, suck it up for 2 hours till I get home. I will be ravenous by the time I hit the dinner table. That has me anticipating a binge. I think there is even pizza in the fridge.

I just checked my stats, and I have consumed about 632 calories so far today. I don’t feel like that is low, since I still have dinner looming ahead. Of course, sitting here obsessing about food isn’t going to help. I wonder if my closet is done yet. I wonder if he went grocery shopping. I wonder if my stomach will shut up if I drown it in another 20 ounces of water. I wonder if I have time for a quick jaunt around the building before my training session starts again. I’ll give it a whirl.

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