Baby Steps and Spinach Cups

Despite my cold, I worked on my to-do list last night. I even did sumo squats and push-ups. Those were only 10 at a time, not enough to get the heart rate up, but enough to make me feel like my body still works. I think that I’m finally doing push ups correctly. How do I know? My abs are killing me! I have finally hit the spot where I keep myself stiff like a board instead of butt up in the air. I love signs of improvement, even little ones like this.

Another part of my to do list was to make my food ahead of time so that I don’t just run through the kitchen throwing what ever I can into my lunch bag. Yes, I’ve been tracking it, but I know that my choices have not been the best. This morning, I made breakfast spinach cups. I make 6 at a time. You need a heaping hand full of spinach, a large pinch of shredded cheese, onion to taste, a small tomato (scoop out the seeds or they’ll be watery when they’re done), and two eggs. Mix and spoon into muffin tins. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes, and now you have breakfast or a snack on the go. I bag them in pairs. You can add bacon, but I wasn’t in the mood for that this morning. They hold together nicely too. I ate mine while stuck in traffic on my way to work this morning.

My list consists of tiny tasks. I break them down even smaller when I don’t feel well. If something looks too big for my energy level, then I know that I just won’t do it. I’m up for a nap right now, but I didn’t add that to my list… I should plan ahead for tomorrow.

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