All Warmed Up and Ready to Go

I sprang out of bed a whole lot easier this morning. Want to know how..? I turned on the heat. It is a lot easier to talk yourself into getting out from under your blankets when the room isn’t 40 degrees. I brought it up to a balmy 62. I don’t like using the heat unless it is absolutely necessary. I do, however, believe in boosting my mood and energy any reasonable way that I can. How I start my day is a big part of the theme of the rest of it. This morning, after my workout last night, I am not sore. I repeat, I am not sore. My lungs were dry. A shower fixed that. My hips were tight. My first walk of the day loosened them up. Don’t get me wrong, the workout was hard and I left totally tuckered out. However, the hard part was my lung conditioning and not my muscles. I think… I think I might go to tonight’s workout as well. It looked really hard, and kind of filled me with dread when looking at it. So, obviously, I need to make me go. I know I’ll be sore after this one. Double Unders and Burpees are on the list. If there’s jumping, then my knee is frowning in my general direction. I want to try. I want to drag myself to the end. This requires me to shuffle my planned day. I’ll need to go grocery shopping right after work, then go pick up Estella, then head right to the Box. From the Box we’ll go to the dojo. We are so very busy. Then we can go home and watch the World Series!

I am also back to tracking my calories. I had stopped because I’m lazy and I was snacking and didn’t really want to see the total calories that I was consuming. I’m all about facing myself right now, so I have successfully tracked for two days. I have been putting my menu for the day in before leaving my house. This keeps me from adding extra junk during my day. Bonus!

3 thoughts on “All Warmed Up and Ready to Go

      • that is true, at least you are making a conscious decision to eat the rubbish thing, not just eating it without thought. That in its self will stop you doing it too much 😀

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