I’m thinking that I might recover faster this time. I had another killer CrossFit workout. My lungs feel so very dry from gasping for air. The whole group was very encouraging. I may have finished the rounds last, but I finished. I almost gave up. I almost threw up. But I finished instead. The only hiccup was with the stretches after. They did partner stretches today, and I have an issue or two. One is that I can’t have people I don’t know touching me. They gave me modified stretches to do by myself. I felt on display. It wasn’t fun, but I’ll get over it. I need to do this. I need to push. I need to improve.

7 thoughts on “Push

    • It really was a good workout. I’m not all that sore today either. The hard part for me was the running. I can jog a bit, but 200m every couple of minutes was beyond my abilities. I was starting the run out of breath because of the other stuff. I am really looking forward to going again.

      • the thing with running like that is, it is always hard because you do it to the top of your ability, and whatever that is, you end up getting a really good work out πŸ˜€
        It is good that you aren’t sore, you must be getting fitter!

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