A Little Drop

I am happy to say that my scale dropped a bit since yesterday. I need it to drop just a pinch more by tomorrow and I will be happy. Unfortunately, I found an organic chicken helper and I may have eaten half of it last night instead of keeping it for lunch today… I was so intent on holding my calories back yesterday that I was ravenous by the time I got home. Today, will be different. I’ll still be on the low end of calories, but I will keep it steady through my day so that I don’t risk stuffing myself just by being home.  I didn’t make it to CrossFit last night. My energy level plummeted drastically around 4. I do have a plan to go tomorrow. I also have added my iron supplements back into the mix. I’m tired, freezing, and everything tastes like metal… that usually means iron drop for me. I’m surprised that it even happens with all of the kale I eat. I definitely have iron rich foods in my diet.

I’m still walking briskly away from zombies with my fun filled app, Run, Zombies! 2. I really love the story. A coworker wants to join me on my walk today, so I’ll have to change the settings so that I don’t use my playlist, but I’m still going to have my headphones in for the story. I don’t feel like it is rude since she knows that I use the app on my walks and she has asked to tag along. And that’s it. Have a great day!

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