Don’t Leave Me, Legs!

My ass hurts so much that my legs might just fall off. I made it to my second CrossFit class. We warmed up, ran 800, crunches, push ups, some walking lunge thing, and rolled around on the floor stretching. I walked half the run, but everything was a-ok.

Then we did sets… Every minute, for 15 minutes, we did 5 front squats (15 lbs for me) and 10 box jumps. Every minute. That’s 75 squats and 150 box jumps. I want to tell you that I successfully completed the 15 rounds, but I only did 11 full rounds. The rest were partial. I’m laying in bed now, it is hours later, and my legs are still shaking.

This is awesome! I love that these classes push me so much. Sure, I’m terrified and self conscious, but I’m doing it anyway. It may have taken me a few minutes to climb the steps to my porch, but I feel great about it. I leave these classes feeling accomplished. Sweaty, red like a tomato, shaking, but accomplished. I can’t wait to go on Monday.


5 thoughts on “Don’t Leave Me, Legs!

      • it is an awesome feeling, when you know you have worked so hard you couldn’t possibly do more!

        even better is the feeling you get a few weeks later when you realise you can do twice as much and only ache half as much πŸ™‚

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