Weigh In and Midweek Update

I got up early this morning to head over to a Foundations class at a local CrossFit gym I found. They were closed. I checked the Facebook page, and the morning class was cancelled. I am determined today, however. The next Foundations class is at 5:30 tonight and I will be there with bells on (or sweats).

I’m going on about 4 hours of sleep. I’m really feeling it too. I’ve had a stressful couple of days. I’m eating my stress. I had Chinese food last night and for breakfast. I started drinking coffee again. I ate at Dunkin Donuts and wasn’t even deterred after my stomach started yelling at me. I told it to shut up and eat the damn donut. I need my ass kicked. HARD. Which is why I am determined to go to CrossFit today. They will kick my ass for me. I will sweat out this toxic stress that has consumed my head and is spreading to my body. I’m not doing it on my own right now. I’m in a funk. I want out and all I can do is the hard part of showing up.

Here is my weigh in from Monday. I had to “weigh out” of my diet bet challenge, so I even took pictures of it. I’m not sharing the pictures, just mentioning that I have them from the bet.

Starting Weight: 268.8 lbs

Last Week:           237.6 lbs

Current:                237.0 lbs

I’m surprised I was even down that .6. Really surprised. My goodness, I’m even packing in the carbs and I was clean a week ago. Ugh! I know beating myself up about it won’t help. I need to move to eating cleaner again. I was doing great. I’ve even started getting headaches again. I know backpedaling is really bad for me. I need to change direction; Bounce forward again. My next post will have me glowing, I swear. I will have gone to my class. I will have loved it. I will be sore from working hard. My body will thank me and I will reward it with healthy food because I know that is what it needs.

6 thoughts on “Weigh In and Midweek Update

  1. You will be back up again in no time, you are doing awesomely and in the overall journey one slip now and again is ok 🙂

    By the way, no one ever says “be there with bells on” to me any more… I actually have bells, they to round my ankles for Morris dancing, and I have some bell bracelets, so people worry that I might actually have bells on 🙂

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