I am beat. I took my first foundations class for CrossFit. It hurts to sit and I am super excited about it. Our warm up consisted of running down the street and back. From there we learned how to do snatches. I was told that I picked a more difficult day to start. I did 5 reps of 5 of 25 lbs. my previous experience lifting actually helped. Then we did box jumps which I modified to be a bit shorter. And rope climbs which I modified to a bean sprout (cute name for dragging your ass off the floor by a rope). So I completed 5 rounds of 20 jumps and 3 sprouts. My bottom hurts from squatting and my arms only stopped shaking a bit ago. My butt has been kicked and I am thrilled! I bought a punch card for 10 visits. I want to make sure I stick with it before I commit to a monthly membership. I don’t think I can go again until Saturday, but I’m looking forward to going again.


11 thoughts on “Ouch!

      • Really well done! the first time is always the hardest!!
        I am like that! I hate new classes…I want to start a Thai boxing class but they all seem quite scary and like I would have to justify my being there…sometimes I don’t know if I can face the “why are you here you are overweight and probably not very good” looks I know i will get! after all only one of those things is true but sometimes it is hard to face!

      • I spoke with the manager before my class. I felt like I was defending me being there. “I may look lazy, but I’ve been exercising and I dropped 30 lbs, and I used to be an athlete… That was 3 surgeries, a baby, and 2 degrees ago… I’m tired of being a slug, and I need inspiration. Inspire me.”

      • yeah, I hate that feeling of having to justify yourself! the stupid thing is you can do a lot more exercise and be much fitter than a skinny person but they would be accepted with noone batting an eyelid!
        people always get that “what really? you?” look when I say I went for a run or what ever…
        it is their loss for being stupid and closed minded though…I can change my fitness and size…they will have a harder time opening their minds (or that is what I tell myself anyway :-))

      • I agree. We have a lot of preconceived notions. I hate when they apply to me. I think the worst part of my babbling was when she asked how I heard about CrossFit… I have a weight loss blog. Some people I follow participate in the sport.

      • I completely understand…I talk about these preconcieved notions and then get really cross with myself because they aren’t supposed to be my issues…but they are… if you know what I mean!
        I think that sounds like a better way to have hear about it than “so and so celebrity does it…” or what ever, but I know what you mean!

      • I know what you mean. I almost feel like I should carry around a “before” shot so that I can gain some credibility.

        They probably didn’t have any issue with me. They probably didn’t judge me at all. I am just painfully selfconscious. But! I tried something new and I am incredibly proud that I walked through the door.

      • You are absolutely right to be proud!!

        Whether it is in our heads (half of me thinks it is and half doesn’t) or not it is still an issue we have to get over before we go to things šŸ™‚

        I am proud of you too šŸ˜€ you are doing brilliantly!

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