Wanted: Drive

I now know that my off behavior and hunger wasn’t due to stress. That time of the month has snuck up on me. My cycle is no where near predictable yet. I keep marking it on the calendar, hopefully it will balance out shortly. I didn’t binge last night. I had baked chicken and cubed yams, carrots and ginger. I was going to skip the mashed potatoes, but ended up diving in. Considering where I am in my cycle, my loss this Monday feels way more impressive to me. I am chugging water. Hopefully it won’t wake me up in the night.

I have finished my first round of homework for the week. I’m actually proud. Last semester, I was more concerned with spending time with my boyfriend. Now that we live together, I feel like I can focus on me as well. This is a great turning point to notice.

I haven’t taken my “new” class yet this month. I know that it is only day 2, but I was hoping I would do something right away and be absolutely in love with what ever I picked. I have to admit, I’m bored with my lack of routine. I move from one thing to the next, what ever interests me at the time really. It is really hard to measure progress when I don’t stick with one thing. I need to measure progress. It is one of those things that drive me. I’m lacking that drive.


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