Stress ate my lunch

Stress. It is going to be my undoing today. I’m at work. My food was planned out for my day, and my lunch box is now empty. I’m pretty sure that all my extra fretting has burned through my calories. I am soooo very hungry. Do I brave the vending machine? Run and grab something to eat from the cafe down the street? Or, suck it up for 2 hours till I get home. I will be ravenous by the time I hit the dinner table. That has me anticipating a binge. I think there is even pizza in the fridge.

I just checked my stats, and I have consumed about 632 calories so far today. I don’t feel like that is low, since I still have dinner looming ahead. Of course, sitting here obsessing about food isn’t going to help. I wonder if my closet is done yet. I wonder if he went grocery shopping. I wonder if my stomach will shut up if I drown it in another 20 ounces of water. I wonder if I have time for a quick jaunt around the building before my training session starts again. I’ll give it a whirl.

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