Baby Steps and Spinach Cups

Despite my cold, I worked on my to-do list last night. I even did sumo squats and push-ups. Those were only 10 at a time, not enough to get the heart rate up, but enough to make me feel like my body still works. I think that I’m finally doing push ups correctly. How do I know? My abs are killing me! I have finally hit the spot where I keep myself stiff like a board instead of butt up in the air. I love signs of improvement, even little ones like this.

Another part of my to do list was to make my food ahead of time so that I don’t just run through the kitchen throwing what ever I can into my lunch bag. Yes, I’ve been tracking it, but I know that my choices have not been the best. This morning, I made breakfast spinach cups. I make 6 at a time. You need a heaping hand full of spinach, a large pinch of shredded cheese, onion to taste, a small tomato (scoop out the seeds or they’ll be watery when they’re done), and two eggs. Mix and spoon into muffin tins. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes, and now you have breakfast or a snack on the go. I bag them in pairs. You can add bacon, but I wasn’t in the mood for that this morning. They hold together nicely too. I ate mine while stuck in traffic on my way to work this morning.

My list consists of tiny tasks. I break them down even smaller when I don’t feel well. If something looks too big for my energy level, then I know that I just won’t do it. I’m up for a nap right now, but I didn’t add that to my list… I should plan ahead for tomorrow.

Sick Snoozing Slug

I haven’t exercised since Friday. I have a cold and my only tasks right now are to sleep and whine about it.  I fear that I’m gradually losing all of the progress that I had made. I just can’t get up to workout. My body is already fighting, I can’t tucker it out even more. I have a to do list that is about 30 items long. I am totally ignoring it and sipping tea. Tea with honey to soothe my very sore throat. I’ve even been eating chicken soup with noodles. I haven’t had this much pasta in ages. I know it is just a noodle here and there, but those buggers add up. I want to go for a walk. I keep talking me out of it and pulling the blankets back around me.

I’m saying “can’t” a whole lot this post, and it is really irking me. I can do it, but I’m listening to my body and abstaining. I can force me to workout. I am choosing not to in favor of bettering my health. That said, I am at least going to stretch tonight. Perhaps a whole tv show can be spent on the floor working these kinks out of my body. Then I will drink a lot of water and sleep for 12 more hours. I am so glad that I don’t start my new job until Monday. I really hope that is enough time to kick this bug.

No, but I’m doing it anyways…

CrossFit two days in a row, I might be nuts. Where I wasn’t sore yesterday, I am making up for it today. I could barely roll out of bed this morning. I am not even sure where to start stretching. This is what we did last night…



50 DUs

40 burpees

30 pull ups

20 push ups

10 jumping AS

I hopped off of my platform after 20 jumping pullups. After checking the board again, I headed back realizing that I had the wrong total. I stood there, still puffing and beet red, and our coach asked, “you ready for your last 10, Nicole?” I said, “No, but I’m going to do them anyways.” That was a whole lot of jumping for my knee. Oddly enough, that isn’t even what’s sore. My lats from trying to pull me up and my thighs all over. They are having an event on Saturday, Barbells for Boobs. Feel free to donate. Save a pair. Save a life 🙂  We are going to stop in to watch in between events on Saturday. Estella has a race and we have a birthday party in the afternoon. I really want to see what everyone can do. The whole sport is just amazing to me. I’ve had another evening feeling accomplished. I am really looking forward to seeing improvements. I just know that I will get stronger if I keep with it.

I took today off in order to move the rest of my stuff. My truck backed out on me. I’m still going to move all that I can. I’m envisioning not too much stuff left at the house by 3:00 today. I’m cleaning the house until about 9:30, then heading over. Hopefully my muscles will work out their kinks the more I move. And I’m of and running!

All Warmed Up and Ready to Go

I sprang out of bed a whole lot easier this morning. Want to know how..? I turned on the heat. It is a lot easier to talk yourself into getting out from under your blankets when the room isn’t 40 degrees. I brought it up to a balmy 62. I don’t like using the heat unless it is absolutely necessary. I do, however, believe in boosting my mood and energy any reasonable way that I can. How I start my day is a big part of the theme of the rest of it. This morning, after my workout last night, I am not sore. I repeat, I am not sore. My lungs were dry. A shower fixed that. My hips were tight. My first walk of the day loosened them up. Don’t get me wrong, the workout was hard and I left totally tuckered out. However, the hard part was my lung conditioning and not my muscles. I think… I think I might go to tonight’s workout as well. It looked really hard, and kind of filled me with dread when looking at it. So, obviously, I need to make me go. I know I’ll be sore after this one. Double Unders and Burpees are on the list. If there’s jumping, then my knee is frowning in my general direction. I want to try. I want to drag myself to the end. This requires me to shuffle my planned day. I’ll need to go grocery shopping right after work, then go pick up Estella, then head right to the Box. From the Box we’ll go to the dojo. We are so very busy. Then we can go home and watch the World Series!

I am also back to tracking my calories. I had stopped because I’m lazy and I was snacking and didn’t really want to see the total calories that I was consuming. I’m all about facing myself right now, so I have successfully tracked for two days. I have been putting my menu for the day in before leaving my house. This keeps me from adding extra junk during my day. Bonus!


I’m thinking that I might recover faster this time. I had another killer CrossFit workout. My lungs feel so very dry from gasping for air. The whole group was very encouraging. I may have finished the rounds last, but I finished. I almost gave up. I almost threw up. But I finished instead. The only hiccup was with the stretches after. They did partner stretches today, and I have an issue or two. One is that I can’t have people I don’t know touching me. They gave me modified stretches to do by myself. I felt on display. It wasn’t fun, but I’ll get over it. I need to do this. I need to push. I need to improve.

Battling Excuses… again.

The Jillian Michaels’ DietBet is now over. I have officially weighed out and won. I dropped my extra weight and then some and I am so very relieved. I can’t wait until the results are finalized and I find out how much I won. That pot has quite a bit of potential. I am currently in one more DietBet, 20 days to go. I was thinking about not signing up for anymore right now, but then I realized that I was just giving into excuses… I have dropped quite a bit of weight, and I would like to maintain that loss. Blah blah blah. What I really mean to say is that I’m tired and cranky, it is cold out, and I want to be a slug for a bit, but I can’t when money is on the line. Perhaps that is the point of DietBet. It keeps you in line when you have something to lose. My plan today is to go to CrossFit before picking my daughter up from her after school program. I should stick with that plan. My alternative plan is to go home, take a nap, then pick her up… Ok, option one is better for me. I’ll feel better after I workout as well. Perhaps I’ve gone too long between real sweat sessions. I’ve lost my boost that I get. I’ve completed 12 missions on Zombies, Run! 2, but my knee was tender after a serious squat session, so I’ve mostly been walking.

It is not even 40 degrees out yet today. I had frost on my windows this morning. I wish I had something toastier to walk in. There’s my reason to pick up the pace! I’ll be warmer. Hopefully my treadmill will be moving in with me in the next week. That’ll help on the chilly days (and the stressed out evenings when I can’t get out to burn off my angst).

I just looked up the WOD for my Foundations class, and I’m now excited!


5 rounds:

400m run

20 sit ups

10 KB swings @1.5/1Pd

I know that I’ll be last on the run… every… single… time, but I love kettle balls and I really want to work on my sit ups. It was on my list of goals after all. I just need to make it through work. Tick Tock! Get a move on Clock!

A Little Drop

I am happy to say that my scale dropped a bit since yesterday. I need it to drop just a pinch more by tomorrow and I will be happy. Unfortunately, I found an organic chicken helper and I may have eaten half of it last night instead of keeping it for lunch today… I was so intent on holding my calories back yesterday that I was ravenous by the time I got home. Today, will be different. I’ll still be on the low end of calories, but I will keep it steady through my day so that I don’t risk stuffing myself just by being home.  I didn’t make it to CrossFit last night. My energy level plummeted drastically around 4. I do have a plan to go tomorrow. I also have added my iron supplements back into the mix. I’m tired, freezing, and everything tastes like metal… that usually means iron drop for me. I’m surprised that it even happens with all of the kale I eat. I definitely have iron rich foods in my diet.

I’m still walking briskly away from zombies with my fun filled app, Run, Zombies! 2. I really love the story. A coworker wants to join me on my walk today, so I’ll have to change the settings so that I don’t use my playlist, but I’m still going to have my headphones in for the story. I don’t feel like it is rude since she knows that I use the app on my walks and she has asked to tag along. And that’s it. Have a great day!

Monday Weigh In and Issues

Uh oh…

Starting Weight: 268.8 lbs

Last Week:           235.6 lbs

Current:                240.2 lbs

I hate to say it, because I don’t like weighing myself more than once a week, but I’m going to weigh myself again tomorrow. If that is a real influx of weight, then I need to do something. I am weighing out of my next diet bet this week. A weight like that will have me losing, and I don’t want that. I will check again tomorrow. Perhaps the soup that I made last night had more salt than I thought. Or… something. I hope there is something. I already said goodbye to the 240’s, I’m not looking forward to a reunion.

I have discovered that I’m pretty judgmental about how people lose weight. I am against surgery to do it. I realize that there are people that have gotten to the point of life and death when it comes to their weight, but other than that, I believe that people should do the work to get the results. I had been following a blog for over a year. She is overweight and trying to lose weight. I’ve watched her yo yo through a few fads this past year with no success. She just doesn’t stick with anything much beyond the initial water weight loss. Now, she wants to go for gastric bypass surgery. She’s talking about all of her food restrictions before and after the surgery, and how she’s looking forward to it because she thrives with set rules. No you don’t! If you did, then you would have stuck with your initial diet of eating healthier and moving more. She had a plan and did great while she stuck with it. Surgery isn’t an easy way out. It won’t bring you to your goal. You still need to work. If you’re a food addict before, you still will be after. Only now, a binge could be fatal. She needs to exercise and restrict her calories for a while before the surgery. I’m hoping that she’ll realize that is just what she needed to do all along. We are worth the effort and time. In a world where we want everything now, I can see why we want our results quicker too. We didn’t get here overnight. We’re not going to find our way out overnight either.

We need to deal with our issues to make any progress. Something got us here. We buried something, some pain, with the temporary joy that food can bring. Without fixing the problem, we’re going to keep running up against it. I am kind of miserable this week. I should have a newborn snuggled up with me, but I lost my pregnancy earlier this year. I rubbed against that thought at the beginning of October and brushed it off, and a couple of times in the past couple of weeks. Now this morning, it slapped me in the face. I wonder if it was going to be a boy or a girl. I thought boy. I’m going to be thinking about him a lot, and I’m going to come to terms with this somehow. I need to forgive me. I’m not going to add this to the pile of reasons that I hide. I also don’t want to be haunted by these feelings forever. At least, not this strongly.

So tonight, I am heading to CrossFit once again. They will kick my butt, and I will say thank you. I think that I finally recovered yesterday. My legs were quite useless. Good thing I had plenty more boxes to move. Yes, I’m still moving. I’m up to my books. My giant bookcases do not seem to have survived very well. They may need to be replaced. That’s a task for another day.

Don’t Leave Me, Legs!

My ass hurts so much that my legs might just fall off. I made it to my second CrossFit class. We warmed up, ran 800, crunches, push ups, some walking lunge thing, and rolled around on the floor stretching. I walked half the run, but everything was a-ok.

Then we did sets… Every minute, for 15 minutes, we did 5 front squats (15 lbs for me) and 10 box jumps. Every minute. That’s 75 squats and 150 box jumps. I want to tell you that I successfully completed the 15 rounds, but I only did 11 full rounds. The rest were partial. I’m laying in bed now, it is hours later, and my legs are still shaking.

This is awesome! I love that these classes push me so much. Sure, I’m terrified and self conscious, but I’m doing it anyway. It may have taken me a few minutes to climb the steps to my porch, but I feel great about it. I leave these classes feeling accomplished. Sweaty, red like a tomato, shaking, but accomplished. I can’t wait to go on Monday.


Weigh In – And Update

Ok, once again, I weighed in on Monday and didn’t get to post. My last weight in was my first Weigh Out on my very first DietBet, and I won! So for gambling $25 on myself, I got a payoff of $44. I already signed up for another one, and the best part this time is that I paid for it with my winnings. Now I’m officially getting paid to lose weight! I cannot wait to see what the payout is for the Jillian Michaels bet is. That pot is ten times bigger than the one that just ended. So, here are my numbers from Monday…

Starting Weight: 268.8 lbs

Last Week: 237.0 lbs

Current: 235.6 lbs

I am walking a whole lot more (running from Zombies), but I haven’t been back to CrossFit yet. My daughter and I are having scheduling difficulties. She has Karate and other good things going on. I have put our activity options on little colored pieces of paper and shuffled to see how we can fit all of our wants. I think I have a solution (at least for today’s options). I will pick her up and she will be surprised. From here on, we can be a bit more organized. Speaking of organized… my boyfriend finished our closet before he left again.
Again he is gone for five weeks, but this time, I can hang my clothes up instead of storing them in and on bins. It was like Christmas. I have polished this wood so very much, it will be shimmering until next Summer. I might have a livingroom by next week. It is still holding piles and piles of clothing for now. I don’t think I’ve ever been so eager to clean.

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