Evening adventure

It isn’t the best photo, but this is where the path ended before we turned and went back. I skipped the gym tonight and substituted a 3 mile walk on the bike trail with my daughter. Holy moley, I made it 3 miles in an hour. I was ecstatic until my daughter rode off with some guy that passed us on his bike. I yelled and RAN. She just kept going. I couldn’t see her at one point. I was running and tears were flowing down my cheeks. I was thinking he was going to snatch her and toss her in the back of a van. Then I heard her. We have an obnoxious noise we make to signal each other. I heard her again, then I saw her. The relief! It just flowed over me. She was stopped and still about a half mile ahead of me. The trail winds through the woods across the town. I walked the last bit to her and proceeded to freak out on her. She will never do it again. Didn’t realize she was putting herself in danger. Please don’t tell dad. Oh she went through everything. We made it home, safe and sound. I will continue my lecture tomorrow. I need to review limits with strangers one more time. I’d rather have her paranoid than gone. I was so terrified. It was only a couple of minutes, but it felt like forever. It will definitely never happen again.


I was frozen in place. A solid 2 minutes I stood there, my mouth hanging open. Barely registering the people walking by me. I couldn’t even think. I have been doing so well with my food planning, and sticking to healthy choices when I fail to plan well. I don’t even buy junk for the house anymore. How could I forget what was coming? Way worse than any birthday cake, office donuts, or outing with friends… It is pumpkin season. What had me frozen in place? Pepperidge Farms has a huge display showcasing their Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies. Let’s say that again. Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies. I love pumpkin flavored anything. I mean, I LOOOVE pumpkin.

I… Walked… Away. Oh but now I know it is everywhere! Pumpkin Coffee is back at Dunkin’ Donuts. I haven’t had coffee in ages. My coffee, when I get it the way I like, is like 300 calories. I need help, and this is where you can help me. I am looking for healthy pumpkin recipes. I won’t make it the entire season without indulging in something, but if I can have something healthy(er) on hand, then it will keep me from having an all out free for all on pumpkin flavored goodness.

I always say that you can have a treat now and then. All things in moderation… But, I know, historically speaking, that doesn’t apply to my pumpkin frenzy. This is a trigger for me. Couch cuddling, sweater wearing, apple picking, Fall flavored pumpkin happiness. But food isn’t happiness… Ugh! Give me what you’ve got! Pumpkin recipes.. Go!

What was that about everything you read?

I just read a blog entry about running that didn’t sound right to me. It was saying that running will not help in weight loss and will even slow my metabolism. I decided to do some research on my own and found this: 6 Benefits of Running from Active.com. They know what they’re talking about over there. The gist of it is that running improves your overall health. Good cholesterol goes up, depression goes down. Less strokes, cancer, diabetes and more weight loss. The hows and whys are in the article and there are more benefits listed.

I am really glad that the other person was misinformed.  I know that I feel better when I’m trying to jog and run. My spirits do lift, even though it isn’t easy. My heart gets pumping and that is a very good thing for me. I sprang for some new sneakers this morning. I noticed that my knee hurts when I wear my New Balance shoes, but not my K Swiss. Therefore, I have another pair of K Swiss Tubes on the way, these ones. They are even cuter than my last ones. I am a big fan of blue.


I made it! Not a peep from my ankle or knee. The ache in my hip went away as soon as I hit the treadmill. I’m not falling apart after all. I had to hustle to beat my distance from last time. I think I slowed down a bit too much for my walking parts. I’m looking forward to my next wog on Saturday. I’m going to try the bike trail and not the gym. My daughter will keep up with me on her bike. Who am I kidding? She’s going to ride circles around me, but it will be a good time.

I thought I overdid my breakfast and lunch, but I’m not drained like I was the first time. I’ll skimp on my dinner, but I feel good with my larger meals earlier in the day. That’s all I have for now 🙂

Me: 1 Vending Machine: 0

Ok, so I didn’t order out for lunch yesterday like I was supposed to. I tried to stick it out with my abundance of veggies. 3:00 rolls around and where am I? In the cafeteria browsing the vending machine. I haven’t looked at that thing in ages! Then, I see it! Tucked in the bottom corner… dried fruit. It hit me, I have dried cranberries in my desk! I have pumpkin seeds too! Snack is served. Although I am now out of cranberries and pumpkin seeds, they did their job and got me through my day.

I really enjoy dried fruits and trail mixes, but I need to be really careful with them. I am allergic to sulfa and all of its sulfite variants (buying shampoo is also a challenge). Last time I failed to check a label I turned fun colors and tried to scratch my skin off.

I kicked my butt on the elliptical and started my leg exercises on the machines after. I wish that I could say that I didn’t finish my planned workout because my legs were too tired to continue. I can’t. People just kept showing up. I was already hiding in the women’s area of the gym, and there were just so many. These little creatures have waists the size of my thigh. So I got too self-conscious to continue. I was beet read, dripping sweat and just felt like there was a spotlight on my head. I know it wasn’t. Knowing and feeling are two very different things and they do not always agree. I’ll be going again today for W1D2 of C25k. I’ll see what exercises I can do after my treadmill time. I really was wiped out last time. Hopefully I’ll make it further and further each time.

Supplemental Iron

I need a supplement! This is what I remembered as I was scrolling through the many ads for supplements and other dietary aids. I will be donating blood next week. I need to take an iron supplement for about a week before to get my iron at an acceptable level for the Red Cross. I was very sad when they turned me away last time. I know that I could have donated sooner, but I already had an appointment set for my next time and didn’t want to have to change it.

I really don’t like iron supplements. They taste funny and make my body feel a bit icky on the digestion front. I eat plenty of leafy greens and have even added raisins into the mix. I just teeter on the edge of acceptability and I don’t want to risk being turned away again. I’ve seen my doctor about it, and I am not anemic. My blood just stays on low end of normal. I’ll work with it. Perhaps I’ll play with my diet for next time to see if I can get my iron up without taking a pill.

Wogging again

W1D1 done…again. I even made it further than last time. The calories aren’t close to accurate, I didn’t set my weight. I’ll remember that for tomorrow. I had a free weight routine to do after the treadmill. I started it, but didn’t make it half way. I was so tuckered out. I didn’t spring back to life until after dinner. Perhaps I need a snack before hitting the gym…

Today, my hips ache a bit. I didn’t stretch enough. I’ll work the kinks out through the day and hit the gym again tonight. It will be an elliptical evening, so my joints won’t hate me in the morning. I’ll need to order lunch. While I did pack a lunch, it is lacking a protein and I will be ravenous by the time I get home. That doesn’t set me up well for a successful evening. My head is quiet today. I really needed that. Hopefully the beast will stay asleep.

Kindness starts at home

I am battling myself today. I started the day all sunshine and roses, ready to be productive. I was riding my high from yesterday. I was really happy to be starting a new month with success and positivity. My head just won’t let me hold onto it. Our self talk is critical in our success. We can encourage, support, or tear ourselves to bits. I am, unfortunately doing the latter today. It is like a top 40 listing of why I am unlovable playing on repeat. My own personal sound track of self-deprecation.

I am a very logical person. This is perhaps the most foolish exercise that my brain puts me through. I am serotonin deprived. It is like I get too many feel good hormones flying and my brain senses it. It becomes the nosy neighbor that wants to shut down your party at 8pm. We can’t be feeling this good, let’s call every bad train of thought and put a stop to it.

Be kind to yourself.

I am lovable. I know it. I even made a lovable kid that loves me back. I am intelligent and quick thinking on my feet. While I am a gifted procrastinator, I can move mountains on short notice. I value the people in my life and I let them know. I am funny, even when my humor is lost on others. I can succeed at anything that I put my mind to. I am a freakin’ force of nature.

I will say it again, because it is important… Be kind to yourself.

Breaking a Sweat

Two solid days of packing and moving boxes in 100% humidity. I have been dripping sweat for hours. HOURS. I was miserable and cranky, but, my daughter’s room is completely moved. I have more boxes ready to be picked up, but I’m quite done for today. I need to relax and stretch before my back seizes up on me. I finished my final exam in time and even redid a low scoring assignment from the beginning of the semester. I have three weeks before my next class begins, and also before my boyfriend comes home. I hope that I can get the house into some kind of order that he won’t mind coming home to.

I have, in my purse, a notebook that has workouts for this week all planned out. I am bringing back the C25K sessions as well.  Every other day sounds good to me. My knee brace is still hanging out in my gym bag. Hopefully, I’ve figured out my proper form so that I don’t tweak my ankle again. If I do, then I’ll call it quits on the C25K and just live on the elliptical until I drop a couple pants sizes. This extra weight can’t be helping. I would really like to help it leave, I’ll do what ever I can.

This weekend has left me feeling very accomplished. I’m starting the work week with a very positive frame of mind. I couldn’t ask for more right now.

Goals and Moving (part 2)

Welcome to my goal update post of the month. I’ve crossed off a few things which I am very proud of. I have now added September which has my uncompleted items and some new ones. One thing I noticed this month is that fun races are really expensive! It is like $50 per racer for the really cool ones. So I won’t be chased by zombies or running through mud this year, but I will have a designated piggy bank for future ones. I would like to sign up for my next race within a week of completing this one. If I don’t put that off, then I’ll make myself keep going. Without further ado…

By end of August:

  1. Complete C25K Week 1 (on hold ankle injury)
  2. Get all stored items out of my daughter’s room and move all of her stuff in.
  3. Remodel my closet. (on hold, but well underway. Boyfriend is away and will complete upon his return)
  4. Determine baseline for push ups and crunches  32 crunches and 15 knee push ups
  5. C25k Week 2 (see #1)
  6. Move all of my stuff into the new house (Still working on it. I have two more days)
  7. Sign up for 5k in October or November We have a turkey trot right in town. My daughter and I are signed up!
  8. Leave the 250’s behind!  Oh yeah! 248.6  🙂 🙂


  1. Complete C25K Week 1 (on hold ankle injury) (carried from August)
  2. Remodel my closet. (on hold, but well underway. Boyfriend is away and will complete upon his return)(carried from August)
  3. C25k Week 2 (see #1) (carried from August)
  4. Move all of my stuff into the new house (Still working on it. I have two more days)(carried from August)
  5. Improve Crunches to 40 and knee push ups to 20.
  6. Actual workouts – at least 2 a week all month.
  7. Fix the railing on the porch and paint it.
  8. Leave the 240’s behind!

By June 2014

  1. Take a scuba class.
  2. Run an entire 5k.
  3. Reduce debt by 50%.
  4. Organize all stored items in basement.
  5. Have a yard sale.
  6. Onederland

I feel good about this. My daughter is starting her after school program this week, so I do not have to pick her up right away. That gives me after work time to get a workout in. While packing, I stumbled upon my old workout journals (from back when I hit my goal weight). I was kicking butt! I am going to start off with the same format. Perhaps if I plan a week of workouts, I’ll actually do them. It is worth a shot.


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