Out With the Old, In With the New

This marks my first 24 hours back using the BodyMedia Core armband. I used it before and then I stopped wearing it with the warm weather since my shirts didn’t cover it on my arm. Back then, it was a lot snugger on my arm as well. My total steps for yesterday was 5,210. That isn’t all that much. We’ll call it a base line. The exciting part is that I forgot how much this thing motivates me to beat my “score” from the previous days. It is 7:22 am, and today’s total thus far is 5,303. I woke up around 5am and decided it was a good time to go jogging. It was also the maiden voyage of my new shoes.


I would have gone further than a mile and a half, but I freaked myself out. The path is through the woods. As soon as I thought to myself, “why is it that the joggers always find the bodies?” My imagination had me and every acorn dropping through the trees was a potential threat. It would have helped if there were more people out. I’m surprised there weren’t since it is a nice crisp morning. Cool, but the air was moist enough that my throat didn’t dry out as I started panting. I have also discovered that I am afraid to run on the road. I keep seeing myself trip and falling into traffic. Perhaps this will go away once I feel a bit more graceful on my feet.

Guess what I’m doing today… That’s right! Moving more boxes! “But Nicole, how much crap do you have?” Way too much. My yard sale and donation piles are growing with every box I repack. I noticed that I brought in a box of pre-pregnancy clothes this morning. I know some will go into the piles to leave me, but some, I suspect, will become goals.

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