Light Lifting

Weighted bars can provide a great workout. While most of my movement has been lugging boxes around, in the evening when I’m catching a show, I’ve been exercising with my weighted bar. It is 9 lbs and while my show is on I go in a loop, bicep curl, tricep extension, willow, twist, bent back row, dead lift, front raise, shoulder press. Once the commercial hits, I rest and tidy up in the other rooms until I hear my show returning. I feel like I’m doing pretty well.

I unpacked my resistance bands. I think I’ll work those into tonight’s festivities.

2 thoughts on “Light Lifting

  1. What a great idea to do that while watching tv! I don’t do much tv watching (who has the time?!) but when I do it is cuddle time with my bf. But maybe for my Saturday movie marathons I’ll incorporate that.

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