Friday Weigh In

I figured out why my ankle hurts! It is the way I sit at work. I curl my foot around the bottom of my chair. When I move it from there, I get a twinge of pain. I’m going to sit flat footed for the rest of the day and see how I do.

I have also decided to do a Friday weigh in, in addition to my Monday ones. I would like a touch more accountability to my weekends. So I’ll give it a whirl for this week and see if I like it.

Starting Weight: 268.8 lbs

Monday:               246.2 lbs

Current:                243.6 lbs

Happy dance! 2.6 lbs gone. Not to return. Not even on Monday. That means I am less than 2 lbs away from losing 10% of my body weight since I started. I’m close to my first reward. It has been sitting patiently waiting for me to get it together. I’m getting it!

I have recovered from my grumpy session yesterday. My arm is a bit bruised from my blood donation and I’m a little sluggish today. That is normal for me after donating. Today, I am cleaning and organizing more after work. I have one week to get the house presentable for when my boyfriend comes home. I can’t wait to see him. A month is way too long. I didn’t get to order the wood for our bonfires like I wanted. Every place is wicked expensive! I was hoping to have a half cord stacked for him by the time he got home, but I don’t see it happening now. We’re supposed to have fantastic fall weather this weekend. I’m planning on jogging tomorrow. I need to redo week 2 of C25k. That would be why I didn’t post any successful runs this week. But that’s ok. I’m still making progress. That is all I ask of me.

6 thoughts on “Friday Weigh In

  1. Try a small stool under your feet to raise yourself to 90 degrees. I’m short and sit on essentially a bar stool at my bench and find that a stool helps with my back issues (and stops my feet from falling asleep)

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