Feeling Fluffy

I am feeling particularly fluffy today. I was sitting at my desk and kind of taking a mental inventory of me. How am I feeling emotionally? Eh, I’m ok. Physically? Pain free and holding strong. What’s my energy level doing? Nothing. My energy level is doing absolutely nothing. I’ve been dragging my butt since lunch (it was a salad of mixed greens with dried cranberries and chicken). So, for the past hour or so I have been standing at my desk, sorting through my paperwork, alternating squats and lunges. I feel so much better with just that bit of movement added to my day. I can’t wait to get out of here and hit the gym. It is about 93 degrees out today, so there is no way I’m trying to jog. I melt in the heat. My daughter does too, she will wilt within minutes.

I picked up a new blender yesterday so that I can try the pumpkin smoothie recipe I was given. I am really looking forward to that. Perhaps that’ll be dinner…

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