Rain Rain Go Away

Ok, the jog is cancelled. It is POURING out. I was soaked in the time it took me to get to the door. So, my proposed substitution is stairs. How many trips up and down the stairs (13 steps) would take the place of today’s scheduled outing? Go ahead, throw a number out there. We’ll see what I can do. Keep in mind, that I’ll be carrying things up and down the stairs as I go (laundry, boxes, shelves to install…).

3 thoughts on “Rain Rain Go Away

  1. according to my calculations there are about 2000 of my steps in a mile…so if you were going to go a mile then that would be one way 153 trips…
    although If you are carrying stuff I suspect you can knock off a few…

    by the way…I don’t blame you for not running in the rain…I can manage drizzle but anything heavy and really wet makes me think twice 😀

    • I think that I would welcome a drizzle. It would cool me off. My feet (and sneakers) would not be happy soaked. 153 trips, huh? That’s more than I was imagining… I think I could do it…

      • drizzel od not too bad fro that very reason!

        I think if you are climbing stairs you could probably knock a few off, 153 was based on my fitbit stats from today and I take really short steps when I run so it might be slightly off…

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