Non-Scale Victory

Since I am still in the process of moving, a lot of my things are packed up tight, who knows where. I have an interview on Thursday, and I am in need of my suits. After two days of searching, I have no idea where they are. Even if I find one now, I won’t have it cleaned in time (boxes make them smell funny). So, I went to buy a new one. I grabbed my usual size 22 in a blazer, dress pants, and blouse and went to try them on. Lo and behold, they are too big! Not just a little too big, I can pull the pants on without even unbuttoning them! I totally did a happy dance back out to the rack to grab the next size down. The 20’s  are roomy, but the 18’s are indecent. Progress! Progress I can see! As long as no one else notices, I’ll be fine 🙂

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