Weigh In Monday

Starting Weight: 268.8 lbs

Last Week:          248.6 lbs

Current:              246.2 lbs

Yay! 2.5 lbs gone. I have to admit, I was hoping for a bigger number with my increased activity, but I know that isn’t how the system works. I’m feeling good and that is what counts. I’ll be starting C25k Week 2 tomorrow. If I’m motivated enough, I’ll wake up early and take a jaunt through the woods instead of hitting the treadmill. I have been told that I need to stretch more, and once I did all my kinks started working their way out. I have to figure out a good time to stretch and just make it a habit. My knee brace is fitting better now too. It kept on fighting my thigh and sliding out of position, but now once I get it in place it is holding tight. Anyone know how to clean a brace? This one has metal supports in it. If it were just supportive material, then I would throw it in the wash, but the big metal pieces have me not wanting to do that.

After all my planning to avoid snacking on pumpkin sweets, my good intentions were thwarted by a red velvet cheesecake. Although it took me two days to eat one slice, that’s two days of giving in to something that I really didn’t need. Of course, I’m punishing myself today with a super strict menu. I’ll forgive me tomorrow and get back to my usual meals.

How did you do this weekend? Any successes or challenges you want to share?

8 thoughts on “Weigh In Monday

  1. Congratulations on your progress! Any time the number is smaller is a good thing. Cheesecake can be tricky that way, can’t it? I think the key is finding balance when it comes to that kind of thing, you have to give yourself some grace for little things like that or else the whole dieting thing feels like a punishment. At the same time, when I give myself a little grace, then I want to give myself too much grace and that doesn’t work so well either.

    • Yeah, I feel like I take a mile when I give myself an inch. I don’t really want to treat dieting like a punishment, but I need to reprogram my head into knowing that food is fuel. Eventually, I’d like to eat all foods in moderation. I need to feel sure that I won’t slip into gluttony again first.

  2. 2.5 lbs is great, it is a good healthy rate 🙂

    I can recommend running outside, it is much nicer and less terrifying than a treadmill.

    I suspect that is only true if you find treadmills terrifying…I do they make me think I am going to fall down and shoot off the back!

      • eeeek! I have never even seen it happen and I am scared of it… i hang on to the handle at the front for dear life…I might have to try to conquer this fear…maybe…

      • I used to be afraid too. Then again, my brother used to have me at a 6% incline. Now, I stay at a 2% and just swing my arms. Each swing forward should allow my finger tips to touch the front bar. If they can’t, then I’m too far back.

  3. I agree with the above- love love love outside running! It goes by quicker, I am less self conscious of banging on a treadmill, and a treadmill for some reason hurts my knees & shins- I’m sure it’s my form- but that doesn’t happen when I’m outdoors! AND congrats on the weightloss- I think 2.5lbs is perfect for a week! 🙂

    • Thanks! I don’t usually worry about the sound I make on the treadmill. I already hide in the women’s area in the gym. It is pretty small. It may help that I don’t face into the room to see who else is in there with me.

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