Week 1 and done

Guess who dragged their butt out of bed on Sunday morning and completed their workouts of the week… Me! I feel accomplished. I have to say, I like outside way more than a treadmill. I seem to go faster and so does the time. I have more to look at than the numbers in front of me.

My only complaint is that my lower back is aching. Any ideas on what to do with that?

4 thoughts on “Week 1 and done

  1. Great job!! I wish I had some suggestions for the lower back…out of all my aches and pains, I’ve never had that one! I would say maybe some stretching, but possibly someone who actually knows what their talking about could answer! lol In any event, congrats on Week 1 and keep at it! 🙂

  2. The asphalt of the road is better on your back and legs than the concrete sidewalks. Grass is even better if you can manage it instead. Also try to have good posture and stretch your upper legs (hip flexors and butt) before the workout to get less strain on your back.

    • I have to keep fixing my posture. I tend to have a trudging forward stance when I near the end of my route. I definitely need to stretch more. Hopefully that’ll fix my aches.

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