What was that about everything you read?

I just read a blog entry about running that didn’t sound right to me. It was saying that running will not help in weight loss and will even slow my metabolism. I decided to do some research on my own and found this: 6 Benefits of Running from Active.com. They know what they’re talking about over there. The gist of it is that running improves your overall health. Good cholesterol goes up, depression goes down. Less strokes, cancer, diabetes and more weight loss. The hows and whys are in the article and there are more benefits listed.

I am really glad that the other person was misinformed.  I know that I feel better when I’m trying to jog and run. My spirits do lift, even though it isn’t easy. My heart gets pumping and that is a very good thing for me. I sprang for some new sneakers this morning. I noticed that my knee hurts when I wear my New Balance shoes, but not my K Swiss. Therefore, I have another pair of K Swiss Tubes on the way, these ones. They are even cuter than my last ones. I am a big fan of blue.


7 thoughts on “What was that about everything you read?

  1. I have read things like that before, and technically you have to be doing a lot of exercise before it actually causes weight loss (something like 7+hours a week) but running (and exercise generally) causes so many fitness and health benefits that have knock on psychological effects that in my experience make the controlling what you eat bit of weight loss more doable.

    so many stupid websites / programs / etc randomly throw about the statistics about exercise not causing weight loss without actually telling you of the many many benefits that indirectly help.

    • Yeah, most of the weight loss battle is won in the kitchen, but when on a mission to improve your health, you have to include exercise.

      It seems like a lot of “sources” grab onto one statistic and once they take it out of context, they are able to use it. The original post that I read said that running will make my body eat my muscle for energy. That would only happens on lengthy endurance runs. I’m a long way from there. I have plenty of fuel on me for my half hour on the treadmill.

      • You are completely right, on endurance runs, if people don’t have enough fuel, muscle is consumed…but not in my 30min c25k “run/walks”

        There was a man on a TV show who said that people who joined gyms always ate more as a reward therefor you shouldn’t exercise at all if you were trying to lose weight…this does not promote healthy lifestyle…or self control…he made me cross!

      • Oh goodness. The crazy things that come out of people’s mouths sometimes… It amazes me that people that are trying to lose weight don’t realize the problem with “rewarding” themselves with food, or comforting themselves with food. It is a tough cycle to break, but it is necessary for a healthy life.

      • I have recently realised that there is very little real scientific fact behind most of what is written about weight loss, and almost nothing that links weight loss with health!

        Even a doctor told me to just eat less (no more than 1200 calories) and keep exercising 8 hours a week… no mention of body mass requirement or anything!

      • Now that’s a doctor to stay away from. A few cynical dieters that I know believe that the spread of misinformation is just there to keep people in the weight loss system. People pay a lot of money to avoid the actual work necessary to lose weight in a healthy way. I’m starting to think that it might be true.

        The science behind weight loss is really simple. I think that a nutritionist might be better equipped to help than other “experts”.

      • I think that is true! All the major weight loss brands are huge companies, in it for the money! They want people to keep coming back!

        Nutritionists and sensible people are what we need!

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