Me: 1 Vending Machine: 0

Ok, so I didn’t order out for lunch yesterday like I was supposed to. I tried to stick it out with my abundance of veggies. 3:00 rolls around and where am I? In the cafeteria browsing the vending machine. I haven’t looked at that thing in ages! Then, I see it! Tucked in the bottom corner… dried fruit. It hit me, I have dried cranberries in my desk! I have pumpkin seeds too! Snack is served. Although I am now out of cranberries and pumpkin seeds, they did their job and got me through my day.

I really enjoy dried fruits and trail mixes, but I need to be really careful with them. I am allergic to sulfa and all of its sulfite variants (buying shampoo is also a challenge). Last time I failed to check a label I turned fun colors and tried to scratch my skin off.

I kicked my butt on the elliptical and started my leg exercises on the machines after. I wish that I could say that I didn’t finish my planned workout because my legs were too tired to continue. I can’t. People just kept showing up. I was already hiding in the women’s area of the gym, and there were just so many. These little creatures have waists the size of my thigh. So I got too self-conscious to continue. I was beet read, dripping sweat and just felt like there was a spotlight on my head. I know it wasn’t. Knowing and feeling are two very different things and they do not always agree. I’ll be going again today for W1D2 of C25k. I’ll see what exercises I can do after my treadmill time. I really was wiped out last time. Hopefully I’ll make it further and further each time.


3 thoughts on “Me: 1 Vending Machine: 0

  1. if you don’t keep going further on the c25k, don’t be too disappointed…I am on week 5 and they keep varying the time, some days are 30 mins, some 31 and some 28…I was improving all of week 1 and 2 then went less far on week 3, i was worried until I realised that the overall time was shorter!

    keep going though! it really works! πŸ™‚

    and don’t worry about the tiny creatures at your gym…chances are a lot of them are not that fit…just skinny and there to show off! Don’t feel self conscious! you are doing the right thing πŸ™‚ (yes I am well aware that is really easy to say and hard to remember!)

    • Thank you for your input. I think that if I keep showing up, then I’ll get over the whole “they’re staring at me” feeling. I want to stick with the C25k program. My boyfriend ran track, and over the years we’ve chatted about running a 5k together. It would be nice if he didn’t have to walk to stay with me.

      • I hate the “they’re staring at me” feeling I get a lot of glares when I walk into our free weights area which is full of muscly scary looking chaps! I solved the problem by doing Thai Boxing training in the middle of the gym with my trainer, and apparently being good at it…most of them know me to look at now and that i could probably knock them out!

        The c25k is magic…5 weeks ago i could only just run for a minute and yesterday I ran for 8! then another 8! today I nearly ran for 20 but i did have to walk a couple of times it was hot and hard work!
        Keep up the good work πŸ˜€

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