Wogging again

W1D1 done…again. I even made it further than last time. The calories aren’t close to accurate, I didn’t set my weight. I’ll remember that for tomorrow. I had a free weight routine to do after the treadmill. I started it, but didn’t make it half way. I was so tuckered out. I didn’t spring back to life until after dinner. Perhaps I need a snack before hitting the gym…

Today, my hips ache a bit. I didn’t stretch enough. I’ll work the kinks out through the day and hit the gym again tonight. It will be an elliptical evening, so my joints won’t hate me in the morning. I’ll need to order lunch. While I did pack a lunch, it is lacking a protein and I will be ravenous by the time I get home. That doesn’t set me up well for a successful evening. My head is quiet today. I really needed that. Hopefully the beast will stay asleep.


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