Supplemental Iron

I need a supplement! This is what I remembered as I was scrolling through the many ads for supplements and other dietary aids. I will be donating blood next week. I need to take an iron supplement for about a week before to get my iron at an acceptable level for the Red Cross. I was very sad when they turned me away last time. I know that I could have donated sooner, but I already had an appointment set for my next time and didn’t want to have to change it.

I really don’t like iron supplements. They taste funny and make my body feel a bit icky on the digestion front. I eat plenty of leafy greens and have even added raisins into the mix. I just teeter on the edge of acceptability and I don’t want to risk being turned away again. I’ve seen my doctor about it, and I am not anemic. My blood just stays on low end of normal. I’ll work with it. Perhaps I’ll play with my diet for next time to see if I can get my iron up without taking a pill.


4 thoughts on “Supplemental Iron

  1. As silly as it sounds, I take the Flintstone Chewable with Iron. It’s a multi – with 100% Iron. AND, it is not just for kids! I’ve always had trouble with Iron myself. I had a prescript with Iron once and it made me sooo sick.

    • Flintstones and I don’t get along. The binder that they use makes me ill. I was just reading up on it, and it looks like a caplet might be the way to go. I haven’t seen an iron caplet, but I haven’t looked for one specifically before.

  2. Try changing your formula. I blogged about my issues with iron (severe chronic anaemia) and switching from ferrous fumarate to ferrous sulfate made me feel so sick for weeks! Back on fumarate and feeling back to normal. Perhaps it is worth a shot?

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