Kindness starts at home

I am battling myself today. I started the day all sunshine and roses, ready to be productive. I was riding my high from yesterday. I was really happy to be starting a new month with success and positivity. My head just won’t let me hold onto it. Our self talk is critical in our success. We can encourage, support, or tear ourselves to bits. I am, unfortunately doing the latter today. It is like a top 40 listing of why I am unlovable playing on repeat. My own personal sound track of self-deprecation.

I am a very logical person. This is perhaps the most foolish exercise that my brain puts me through. I am serotonin deprived. It is like I get too many feel good hormones flying and my brain senses it. It becomes the nosy neighbor that wants to shut down your party at 8pm. We can’t be feeling this good, let’s call every bad train of thought and put a stop to it.

Be kind to yourself.

I am lovable. I know it. I even made a lovable kid that loves me back. I am intelligent and quick thinking on my feet. While I am a gifted procrastinator, I can move mountains on short notice. I value the people in my life and I let them know. I am funny, even when my humor is lost on others. I can succeed at anything that I put my mind to. I am a freakin’ force of nature.

I will say it again, because it is important… Be kind to yourself.


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