Breaking a Sweat

Two solid days of packing and moving boxes in 100% humidity. I have been dripping sweat for hours. HOURS. I was miserable and cranky, but, my daughter’s room is completely moved. I have more boxes ready to be picked up, but I’m quite done for today. I need to relax and stretch before my back seizes up on me. I finished my final exam in time and even redid a low scoring assignment from the beginning of the semester. I have three weeks before my next class begins, and also before my boyfriend comes home. I hope that I can get the house into some kind of order that he won’t mind coming home to.

I have, in my purse, a notebook that has workouts for this week all planned out. I am bringing back the C25K sessions as well.  Every other day sounds good to me. My knee brace is still hanging out in my gym bag. Hopefully, I’ve figured out my proper form so that I don’t tweak my ankle again. If I do, then I’ll call it quits on the C25K and just live on the elliptical until I drop a couple pants sizes. This extra weight can’t be helping. I would really like to help it leave, I’ll do what ever I can.

This weekend has left me feeling very accomplished. I’m starting the work week with a very positive frame of mind. I couldn’t ask for more right now.

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