Goals and Still Moving (part 3)

I really like that my monthly goal update, weekly weigh in, and 100th post all fall in one. Thank you to everyone that is reading about my journey. I really appreciate all of the support and comments that you have contributed. Let’s start with my weigh in…

Starting Weight: 268.8 lbs

Last Week:           241.8 lbs

Current:                237.6 lbs

Huge happy dance! Good bye 240’s! I weighed myself both days this weekend. I didn’t want it to just be a water fluctuation. I feel like this one is solid. This also means that I have met my goal for my first DietBet! I need to maintain or improve for another week or so until my weigh out. I get a cut of the $74k pot. The Jillian Michaels diet bet is still underway. That pot is over $233k. I’m so very excited about my results. Winning is a nice added bonus. And now we say good bye to my September goals…


  1. Complete C25K Week 1 (on hold ankle injury) (carried from August)
  2. Remodel my closet. (on hold, but well underway. Boyfriend is away and will complete upon his return)(carried from August)
  3. C25k Week 2 (see #1) (carried from August)
  4. Move all of my stuff into the new house (Still working on it. I have two more days)(Now I’ve been extended to the end of October)(carried from August)
  5. Improve Crunches to 40 and knee push ups to 20.
  6. Actual workouts – at least 2 a week all month. Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4
  7. Fix the railing on the porch and paint it.
  8. Leave the 240′s behind!

By June 2014

  1. Take a scuba class.
  2. Run an entire 5k.
  3. Reduce debt by 50%.
  4. Organize all stored items in basement.
  5. Have a yard sale.
  6. Onederland

I did ok. I’ll give me an ok. I really wanted to knock everything off this month. I’ll have to settle for October. I didn’t practice my push ups nearly as much as I wanted to. While I’ve been getting workouts in, I haven’t been pushing. It is something I need to do at home. I just feel silly in the gym. I’ll get over my self-consciousness eventually.

I think I’m done with the C25k program. I want to continue improving my running, but I kind of want to run more when I can and feel like I can walk when I need to. As long as my times keep improving, I’ll call it progress.

I am not too sure what this month will actually bring life or fitness-wise. I see a small vacation in the near future. I will also be starting a new job with new hours. But, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t keep going with a to do list. Bring it on, October!


  1. Remodel my closet. (on hold, but well underway. Boyfriend is away and will complete upon his return)(carried from August)
  2. Move all of my stuff into the new house (Still working on it. I have two more days)(Now I’ve been extended to the end of October)(carried from August)
  3. Improve Crunches to 40 and knee push ups to 20. (Carried from September)
  4. Fix the railing on the porch and paint it. (Carried from September)
  5. Go jogging with my boyfriend.
  6. Take a new class at the gym (or possibly stop in at the Crossfit  gym I found near my house)
  7. Say good bye to the 230’s.

I don’t know if it is my mood today or what. I just can’t think of another goal to add to my list. I keep reading about CrossFit. It sounds like a lot of work, and something that I would like. This place has a free first time drop in. I don’t know if I’m in good enough shape to give it a whirl. Then again, I’m there to improve. Maybe it doesn’t matter where I am in my journey. I’ve removed 30 lbs so far. It isn’t like I’m brand new to exercising. I’ll think about it and try to stop stressing about everyone looking at me.

Traditionally, this is where I give up on my weight loss journey. I want to stay engaged and not bury myself back under a rock. I need to deal with my issues before they pop up again. Proactive. That will be my theme of the month. I’ll try and stay a step ahead of my… well… head.

Checking In

Wow, I’ve been busy. I am training my replacement at work. I’m taking another class for my Masters degree. My boyfriend still isn’t home. And yes, I’m still moving.

My punching bag is now set up in the basement. My cat has moved in, and I haven’t heard any scratching in the wall since her arrival. That makes me feel a lot better about hanging out in the basement.

My weight is teetering above and below 240 lbs this week. I really hope I get a good drop by my weigh in. I could use a good happy dance. And dance I will, as I say good bye to the 240’s.

Not helping that goal, of course, is me having a donut this morning at work. I was starving and my apple wasn’t cutting it. My stomach is punishing me accordingly, and I will remember that next time I am in need of a snack. Since I’ve been cleaning out my desk, all of my snacks are gone. I’ll have to throw a few extras in my lunch bag.

And that’s it. I do not have much to report. Just saying hello and letting you guys know that I haven’t forgotten you.

Monday Weigh In

Starting Weight: 268.8 lbs

Friday: 243.6 lbs

Current: 241.8lbs

There’s my first goal! 10% of my starting body weight gone!

In this picture we have my candle holder. Each bead inside represents a pound I have to lose. I attach them to the outside when it has been removed. You will also see my bottle of perfume that is my reward. Not to mention my clothes fitting better 🙂

I have to admit, after my dinner out with the boss, I had a hard time getting my portions back under control. Yesterday let me know that I’m back in control. I went to a NASCAR race and was surrounded by a whole lot of junk. While the fries and chicken fingers were coming in, the only things I got for myself were 2 bottles of water and an Italian ice. I stole two spoons of soup and four French fries from my daughter. I think I did great.

So here begins the removal of my next 10%. I am feeling good about this.

Out With the Old, In With the New

This marks my first 24 hours back using the BodyMedia Core armband. I used it before and then I stopped wearing it with the warm weather since my shirts didn’t cover it on my arm. Back then, it was a lot snugger on my arm as well. My total steps for yesterday was 5,210. That isn’t all that much. We’ll call it a base line. The exciting part is that I forgot how much this thing motivates me to beat my “score” from the previous days. It is 7:22 am, and today’s total thus far is 5,303. I woke up around 5am and decided it was a good time to go jogging. It was also the maiden voyage of my new shoes.


I would have gone further than a mile and a half, but I freaked myself out. The path is through the woods. As soon as I thought to myself, “why is it that the joggers always find the bodies?” My imagination had me and every acorn dropping through the trees was a potential threat. It would have helped if there were more people out. I’m surprised there weren’t since it is a nice crisp morning. Cool, but the air was moist enough that my throat didn’t dry out as I started panting. I have also discovered that I am afraid to run on the road. I keep seeing myself trip and falling into traffic. Perhaps this will go away once I feel a bit more graceful on my feet.

Guess what I’m doing today… That’s right! Moving more boxes! “But Nicole, how much crap do you have?” Way too much. My yard sale and donation piles are growing with every box I repack. I noticed that I brought in a box of pre-pregnancy clothes this morning. I know some will go into the piles to leave me, but some, I suspect, will become goals.

Stuffed Silly

I planned ahead. I checked out the menu for the restaurant that we were going to. I picked out grilled salmon with grilled sweet potatoes and asparagus. It was healthy and their portions are rather small. I was going to a delectable restaurant with my boss and two coworkers. My boss is based in another country. He flies in twice a month. He has never taken us out for dinner. Important things/changes were to be discussed.

He orders appetizers… lots of them. They brought a board of hard cheeses, meats and infused honey. I had just a taste. I never knew that honey went on cheese, but it was amazing. Calamari was next and it was so very well done I had to have a few more pieces. We each got a meatball as well, black angus, ham, lamb blended to perfection and served with fresh tomatoes. The bread was made from scratch and fresh from the oven. Did I mention that their drink special list had a pumpkin pie martini? Say it with me, Pumpkin Pie Martini. I was done. The only thing I did right was to order my planned salmon and drink lots of water with my martini and dinner wine. The man can pick a good wine!

The plus side is that they were all fresh quality foods and not a morsel was badly processed. Their chefs knew how to prepare foods and bring out their flavor without just tossing salt on it. I’m not bloated or anything bad, but I feel like I shouldn’t have to eat for a week with all of the food I consumed last night.

I wish I had leftovers.

Light Lifting

Weighted bars can provide a great workout. While most of my movement has been lugging boxes around, in the evening when I’m catching a show, I’ve been exercising with my weighted bar. It is 9 lbs and while my show is on I go in a loop, bicep curl, tricep extension, willow, twist, bent back row, dead lift, front raise, shoulder press. Once the commercial hits, I rest and tidy up in the other rooms until I hear my show returning. I feel like I’m doing pretty well.

I unpacked my resistance bands. I think I’ll work those into tonight’s festivities.

Music is Therapy

I am moody. I know it. It is almost a joke among my friends. However, my bad moods are not in line with my healthy happy present I am striving for. My biggest brooding topic is my relationship with my boyfriend. We have had a rocky past (off and on again for 12 years). I haven’t forgiven or forgotten any of the catalysts that broke us up before. So, since I’m also obsessive by nature, when I have quiet time with myself I go over every miserable moment in detail. It leaves me feeling deflated, insecure, and hating myself. I have found a bandaid for such a tragic train of thought… music. Not just happy music, that doesn’t do it. By golly, I think I found the song that we will dance to if (when) we get married. Now that is a happy day dream I can roll around my head all day.

I still struggle to focus on the good, the now. Him being gone for so long doesn’t help. But, if I focus on the good thoughts and dreams in my head, maybe I can bring them to me. I really want my happily ever after.

I haven’t lost as much weight as I wanted to by his return. Will he notice the difference? Will he care? Will I give up on my changes once he is back? We haven’t eaten instant potatoes since he left. He’s a meat and potatoes guy. We’ve been light meats and veggies girls. I’ve been lucky to have been slightly isolated for my changes. It is easy to control your environment when you’re the only adult in it. With him, comes chips and dips. He doesn’t believe in organic foods either. We’re not on the same page nutritionally. Maybe he won’t care as long as he’s being fed. On the other side, I can go jogging when ever I want because he’ll be there. I won’t have to put off working out because my daughter doesn’t want to go. She can stay home with him. He used to run track. I wonder if he’d want to run with me. I wonder if I would be ok with him doing that. Or watching me.

And this is why I don’t have caffeine. My train of thought just takes off. I’m going to hit repeat and dance my afternoon away, in my head.

Silky Happy Hair

I have crazy hair. It is really wavy, long, thick, and when left untended, I am a big fluff ball. For these reasons, I usually keep it up in a ponytail or bun. In my last Birchbox I received a sample of Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment. I have to share it because it made my hair so silky and happy without weighing down my wavy locks. Now, when I straighten it, I’m not starting to frizz a pinch after noon. I can let it curl and the rings stay silky. I am so excited to have found it and I never would have stumbled upon it without subscribing to Birchbox. I love getting introduced to all these different products. I tend to be reluctant to buy full sized bottles of new brands, but now I can try them and purchase knowing how much I like them.

Monday Weigh In

Starting Weight: 268.8 lbs

Friday:                   243.6 lbs

Current:                243.6 lbs

It didn’t keep me all that accountable. While I didn’t gain, I did have popcorn and little chocolate munchies at the movies with my daughter. The movies were a reward for getting her room cleaned and me assembling her trundle bed. Those things have a lot of pieces! I even have a few extra 😉  I was sweating my butt off bolting together the wood. She even turned on her air conditioner for me. I also painted her desk and assembled, yet another set of shelves in the basement. I have, hopefully, 5 days until my boyfriend comes home. I hope he isn’t delayed. I’ll be in super cleaning mode until then.

I haven’t made any workout plans for this week. My gym bag is in the wrong car. I might dance my butt off after bed time tonight, and then meet with my notebook to make some real plans. The pool at my gym is open again. My daughter will be very happy to hear that. She was so disappointed when it was closed for repairs. Foods this week will be very turkey intensive. I baked one this weekend and it will need to be used before it spoils. That’s it for me, how was your weekend?

There IS a word for it

So there’s a word for it somewhere. I don’t see it being used in conversation here. “I can’t fit into my pants, I picked up some grief bacon.” “I can’t wear that, my grief bacon is hanging out.”

Ok, I can see it being used. It makes the weight seem funny, when it really isn’t. But, it also means that there are multiple cultures with the same problem. Let’s break this unfulfilling habit. Find something that soothes you, that isn’t food. I like the idea of meditation. My head always seems to busy, but I’ve been told that the more practice you get quieting your mind, the better at it you will become.

No more grief bacon.

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