Nerdy Fitness Love

I started with a search on proper jogging form and I ended up in love… with a web site. I am such a geek and now I have found others on a mission of weight loss. I think that I’ve spent about an hour and a half (so far) perusing the pages of Nerd Fitness. We have charts, D&D and gaming references, science and all things that make my geeky little heart sing. There’s a basic workout plan based on Angry Birds complete with a spreadsheet to keep track of your level and how many stars you get upon completion.

I have to admit, I flounder. My fitness plan is all over the place. I have goals and what I would like to accomplish, but my plans are so very flexible that they don’t stick. I’m good with my food, which is probably the only reason that my weight is dropping. I could do so much better if I could get the exercise on track as well. I want to run, walk, go to the gym, ride my bike, dance. I need a solid plan. I will think on it and see what I can come up with. My grad class ends next week, then I’ll have a full month of no school. That should be plenty of time to get some good habits and rituals in place.

Taking on the Hills

Moving and organizing a house should count as a workout. Lifting, twisting, carrying, up and down the stairs. I sweat more moving than I do on my walks. So I ended up not at the gym yesterday. I used my break to go to my old house and pack up my Rogue again. I packed up 2 bins of books, a box of random stuff, lots of clothes and a bookcase. I couldn’t stuff more in since I also had to fit my child when I picked her up from camp. So that is really two 30 minute workouts once unpacking is added in. 🙂

I’ve gone about 24 hours without ankle pain. I’m going to go on one of my hilly walks around the block for lunch today. If it doesn’t like the first hill, then I’ll just turn and go back. Hills are more challenging than stairs, I believe. At least my landing is level on stairs. We’ll see. I’m not pushing it, but I’m not going to stay idle.

And! I ordered a reward for me. After browsing Birchbox once I opened my goodies I found a perfume. I love perfume, but seldom buy it since it is really expensive (when you have good taste). So, I ordered this one…

Harvey Prince Eau Flirt – Lavender Pumpkin

That’s right! Lavender Pumpkin! It is said to be sweet and spicy. Floral and pumpkin spice sound exciting to me. I cannot wait to get my nose on this. I will not open it until I reach my first goal weight though. I am going to leave it on my dresser with a note to me. It’ll be my daily reminder.

The Restaurant Dilemma

Best line: Don’t make excuses, this is about lifestyle change, you can’t keep giving yourself permission to cheat a little here and a little there. A commitment to your health means making the choices in favor of your health.

iBehavior Coach

I do love me some video gaming.  Along with the throw-back nostalgia of less complicated times, gaming is one of my go-to non food related boredom busting activities.  One of my favorites Atari games (Yes, I’m that old) was Pitfall, your 16 bit Indiana Jones like character jumped over traps of 16 bit alligators, 16 bit spiders, and 16 bit mummies.  Fall into any of these pitfalls and you were done.

Creating a healthy lifestyle has a lot of pitfalls, one of the more significant areas that many of my clients really struggle in are restaurants.  Now, having worked in the restaurant biz both as a cook and a waiter I am here to tell you they don’t make it easy.  A good rule of thumb for many places, the cheaper the food the higher the calories and the lower in nutritional value.

Think about it, when you go to…

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A Box of Goodies

I received my first Birchbox yesterday. I was excited about receiving my present to myself, so I really took my time and savored the anticipation.

I think I’d like more makeup next time, so I tweaked my preferences. I can’t wait to try the hair treatment. Mine is a touch unruly.
Check them out, if you haven’t already. It is .

I Almost Fell For It

I’m reading through blogs here as I munch on a cinnamon stick and I got sucked in. I started reading about a great exercise program. I even went to their web site to check it out. I can do it at home, no special equipment required, there’s an app, I can speak with a real person, what ever I need. Look at those before an after results! What an amazing transformation!

I totally see why the weight loss industry is booming. It is so easy to order or download something to help us along our journey. Just one more thing that I’ll use for a very short amount of time and it’ll fall to the side. We need ourselves. That is the instrument of our success. We need to be advocates for our own health.

What got you started on on the journey to lose weight? For me, I want to be able to move more and enjoy my life. I want to feel attractive and healthy. I want to live a long life and see my daughter grow into a fantastic adult. If that isn’t enough to motivate me to increase my fitness level, then no video, app, pill, powder, trainer, contest, or surgery will.

Sighing in Exasperation Doesn’t Count as a Breathing Exercise

ImageToday is going to be one of those days. I am so very glad that I remembered to bring my gym bag because I will need it. I’m afraid that if I sigh any harder, then my lungs will collapse.

Today, I’ve been scolded twice, by two different people. Cried in front of my daughter. Almost ate spoiled food. That almost means that I don’t have breakfast. As I’m listing out what is wrong with my morning, (it is almost 9 am) I am realizing that it isn’t all that bad. I may just be sensitive and cranky. I tried to have a good morning and get everything started early. It just didn’t go as planned. And my clothes smell musty. They were in storage and I didn’t notice when I was getting dressed because the smell of my shampoo overpowers everything.

Today I have more zucchini, an apple, and some dried cranberries. I didn’t make a lunch. I forgot all of my cash on the night stand too since my pants don’t have pockets. Luckily, a coworker owes me money and will be buying my breakfast that was just ordered. This is that awesome veggie breakfast burrito that I said I wouldn’t order again. Technically, I didn’t order it. He just assumed what I wanted.

So those are my complaints for the day. Hopefully the day only improves from here. I’ll feel better after exerting myself at the gym, I love endorphins. I even have something planned that will keep me off of my ankle. We’re on the brink of a full moon here, aren’t we? Is anyone else being affected by the moon? Is it just me?

I Eat Bark

It may be a cinnamon stick, but it is still bark. I have re-embraced an old habit of chewing on cinnamon sticks. It really isn’t sweet, but it is a strong flavor that can take away my urges to snack. Do you know what tastes really good after chewing on a real cinnamon stick? Nothing. It distorts other flavors so much. It is kind of like drinking orange juice right after brushing your teeth.

So, here are some nifty facts about cinnamon sticks.

  • They are not manufactured. The bark of the tree naturally curls when it is trimmed while fresh.
  • A single stick has just 3 calories. (considering it takes me several days to eat one, that is pretty good)
  • A single stick contains 11 percent of the manganese you should consume each day. Manganese is used for blood clotting, manufacturing sex hormones and metabolizing fat and carbohydrates.

It isn’t a snack, but it keeps me from grinding my teeth and mindlessly munching when the urge strikes. I may just have to keep a few at my desk.

Lunch and Spare Time

I really should have taken a picture of my lunch because it was beautiful. Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, purple onion, strawberries, blueberries, feta and a sprinkle of granola topped with half a breast of grilled chicken. There’s a cafe on my block and they make such pretty salads. I’m stuffed, but it is a good stuffed since I topped off with water instead of more food. I did buy a fruit salad for later. It is silly since I have fruit with me. I think I rebelled against myself since I told me not to spend money unless it was necessary. I’m trying to put me back on a budget. It is a lot like dieting and it has the same growing pains. As an accountant though, I track my money way better than my calories. I wonder if I can implement the same format so that it feels more natural instead of invasive.

I would really like to plan one day’s menu and eat the same thing every day. My only problem with this is that I cook for others as well. However, starting later this week, my boyfriend will be overseas for a month. This gives me a great opportunity to be really strict with my food since I won’t have anyone else in the house tempting me. (I’m trying to look as the positive since I am going to miss him like crazy). My daughter is looking forward to me making chicken nuggets. I make and bake my own when time and kitchen space allows. I also want to try my hand at baking my own bread with minimally processed flour. I’m full of ideas and I will have way too much time on my hands to get it all done.

Weigh in and possible TMI

I was right, I gained this week. I’m up 1.4 lbs to 254.8. Honestly, that isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I feel so much puffier than a pound and a half. I left my gym bag at home (I packed it and forgot it), so no swimming today. I have a fruit and veggie packed lunch. I bought a monster sized zucchini and I’m trying to use it up before it spoils. I’ve had it in my scrambled eggs, in my salad, now it is zucchini sticks for me to snack on. This squash was about the size of my arm, bicep to wrist. I may pick a smaller one out next time.

I have a theory on my hormones. I have recently been getting PMS. This is pretty new. I had my tubes tied in May, so I no longer have use for hormonal birth control. These few months are the first in my adult life that I haven’t had something regulating my hormones or my moods. I’ve been on… something… since I was about 15. My body trying to regulate itself is pretty of maddening. I feel so very much and I am not immediately aware that it is irrational. And I’m incredibly tired. I know my iron has dropped. Everything tastes metallic. I want to run to the store and pick up some more potent vitamins and a pint of ice cream. That isn’t in the plan either. I’ll take my regular vitamins and eat an apple. Hopefully I will feel like myself again soon.

Plan change.

I made it through my second session of C25k. Apparently, I should have stopped when the pain in my ankle started. I now have a sprained ankle. I didn’t know that I didn’t know how to run. I thought I was stepping correctly. I didn’t hit any holes or anything crazy. I just landed and holy moley my ankle was huuurrting!

So now I don’t know what to do. Walking hurts. I have it wrapped up, but I still need to step very carefully. I might move to swimming until it heals. I don’t want to just keep hurting it more. I’ll watch my food, so I should be able to at least maintain my weight. I think I’m in for a gain tomorrow since it is that time and I’m retaining water like a balloon. We’ll see.

That’s it, I have nothing good to report. I’m not giving up. I’m just changing the plan.

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