Just Peachy

What are those behind me? That’s right! Peach trees! Yesterday, my daughter and I went on an adventure to Sunnycrest Farm to pick peaches. It was something new for both of us. We even picked up some fresh blueberry milk. That was something else new. Both the peaches and the milk were delicious. We’ll be happily munching on them for a few days. Here’s her favorite one… 20130828-093343.jpg

I was taking a look at my goals that I set for the end of the month. I think I’ll have at least 3 knocked off. Most importantly, to me, I’m out of the 250’s. I snuck on the scale this morning to peek… Lo and behold it said 249.2. I won’t call it official until I weigh in on the 31st, since it could be a fluctuation, but I’ll take it! Little by little, I’m getting there. My knees are moving easier. I haven’t even hit 20lbs yet, but every pound off seems to make a difference. I’ve been torturing my joints all this time. Now they’re getting some relief.

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