A Family Healthy Eating Win

So, I went grocery shopping yesterday with Estella. I had a plan for our breakfast today. I’m determined to start the school year right for her. I wanted to make Overnight Oats. Pretty much you take whole oats, almond milk, vanilla yogurt, mix and soak them overnight. In the morning you add cinnamon and what ever toppings you like and bam! Healthy breakfast. We were in the breakfast isle after I told her what we would be doing. We were going to add apples and cinnamon. She picked up a package of the instant oatmeal that was apple cinnamon flavored and she said, “why don’t we just get this?” I showed her the back of the oats that I was buying and she said, “calories?” I said, “Oh no. Calories aren’t what makes something healthy or not. Look at the ingredients.” It said whole oats. Then I picked up the box of the instant oatmeal and asked her, “so if this is apple/ cinnamon oats, what should the ingredients be?” She said, “oats, apples, and cinnamon.” I showed her the back. She had the proper response, “what is all that?” I said, “not food”.

That little bit helped her understand why we are making more and more of our own food. She even ate a salad that night. It is my job to teach her how to take good care of herself. I feel like that one conversation did way more than any amount of lecturing could do. She was so proud making her salad too. Maybe she’ll want to make another tonight.


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