Just Dance!

I almost talked myself into buying a Wii for the house since I have Just Dance 4 and that would be a lovely game for my girl and I to play. However, I discovered that PS3 also has Just Dance 4 and we already have one of those. I picked up the game and accessories needed and another game for Estella and still came out under what I was willing to spend. It is a win. We played for a few hours last night. I just use the dance party and not the sweat section. I’m trying to not show my weight and food issues to my daughter. I’m focusing on healthy and happy. “I’m eating better because I want to be able to be more active”. “No, I don’t want extra mashed potatoes. They make me sleepy”. I don’t ask if things look good, I’ll tell her I decided on what I’m wearing because it feels comfortable. No asking if my butt looks big, but I’ll ask if a skirt covers it. She is a very slender girl. When I was her age, I was shaped like a meatball. She’s tall with a dancer’s legs. And she’s happy. She sings and dances. And I am so afraid that I’m going to screw that up for her. I want to protect her from all bad things and keep her in a bubble.

We’re going grocery shopping after work today. I’m making a list. Since my boyfriend is out of town, we can skip all the junk food. I’ll be making chicken nuggets. I need to make my breadcrumbs first. That was her first request, probably since I’ve been talking about doing it. We’ll see how it goes.


One thought on “Just Dance!

  1. I love the way you approach this with your daughter. I’m trying similar things with my kids…trying to teach them which foods are healthy and which aren’t so healthy but are ok to enjoy occasionally.

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