Sighing in Exasperation Doesn’t Count as a Breathing Exercise

ImageToday is going to be one of those days. I am so very glad that I remembered to bring my gym bag because I will need it. I’m afraid that if I sigh any harder, then my lungs will collapse.

Today, I’ve been scolded twice, by two different people. Cried in front of my daughter. Almost ate spoiled food. That almost means that I don’t have breakfast. As I’m listing out what is wrong with my morning, (it is almost 9 am) I am realizing that it isn’t all that bad. I may just be sensitive and cranky. I tried to have a good morning and get everything started early. It just didn’t go as planned. And my clothes smell musty. They were in storage and I didn’t notice when I was getting dressed because the smell of my shampoo overpowers everything.

Today I have more zucchini, an apple, and some dried cranberries. I didn’t make a lunch. I forgot all of my cash on the night stand too since my pants don’t have pockets. Luckily, a coworker owes me money and will be buying my breakfast that was just ordered. This is that awesome veggie breakfast burrito that I said I wouldn’t order again. Technically, I didn’t order it. He just assumed what I wanted.

So those are my complaints for the day. Hopefully the day only improves from here. I’ll feel better after exerting myself at the gym, I love endorphins. I even have something planned that will keep me off of my ankle. We’re on the brink of a full moon here, aren’t we? Is anyone else being affected by the moon? Is it just me?

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